UNQLO the integration of online and offline unconventional gameplay to create the most mature O2O m

filed UNIQLO, appear frequently in addition to its stores in major shopping malls in Beijing, Shanghai and many other city, another eye-catching feature is the WORLD UNIQLOCK marketing activities – UNIQLO beauty, music and dance with their clothing with display through online APP form, and even allow consumers from "I hate to see ads" to "stop". The above line stores, online marketing a wide spread interest is just a part of UNIQLO O2O mode, this article I horse share, the author detailed information, to provide a reference for entrepreneurs.


online interactive marketing as the main line

UNIQLO began to explore online marketing strategies from 2008, and in several marketing events have achieved good results.

clock calendar, detonated download, enhanced online promotion: 2008, UNIQLO launched UNIQLOCK on the blog, this is a beauty, music, dance and UNIQLO quarter flagship combine clothing of the clock, the clock to comply with the principle of interest Interesting network integrated marketing 4I principles: clock with digital display the current time every 5 seconds, will enter a random film, film characters or dancing, or go upstairs and so on, of course, these people are wearing UNIQLO clothes when the main season. The clock can be downloaded and installed as a plug-in to the blog site, the establishment of a direct connection between the audience and the brand, which also allows the audience to fall in love with the advertising. As of March 2014, UNIQLOCK launched a total of 8 versions, in more than and 200 countries around the world has more than 200 million visitors, about 500 thousand downloads.

In 2009

launched UNIQLO CALENDAR, UNIQLO calendar, the calendar will be seasonal clothing portrait images, music and UNIQLO combined with the three part, can be put on the blog page to appreciate, consumers can understand clothing and accessories according to the calendar month sale of uniqlo.

UNIQLO WAKE UP 2012, UNIQLO alarm in the form of APP on the line, the line for about 4 weeks, downloads exceeded 500 thousand times, this can bring convenience for consumers to download the application, a total of 196 countries and regions, far more than the range covered by the regional UNIQLO store.

to promote the clock, calendar and so on, it created a marketing concept, UNIQLO brand to the consumer mind "occupation" step, at the same time, this type of marketing also played a role in promotion of their products.


SNS, caused by the network queuing: UNIQLO launched a SNS based social game, consumers can choose their own love cartoon characters in the game, to participate in the brand promotion in the process of queuing, queuing.

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