Lao Xie the charm of interactive marketing

in general, for the enterprise, the establishment of the site is the first step in interactive marketing, corporate Web site is the Internet users to understand the corporate brand and product window. In the stage of network marketing, website is untouchable, but the network marketing community in recent years IGA, IM marketing has become a new force in interactive marketing, but they are based on the website.

network community marketing

network community is a kind of virtual society on the Internet, the community mainly through the sharing of common interests of visitors to a virtual space, to achieve the purpose of communication between members. To achieve the purpose of marketing in communication.

today, the more well-known network of community marketing is SNS marketing, it is the brand or product and hot events grafting, and then touch the user’s attention and dissemination of event marketing.

Internet community marketing is the most has the interactive features, users have the option of browsing information, and can be a real voice their love or hate. But the sound, very easily infect, forming the media.

IM marketing

IM software QQ, MSN is an essential tool for today’s network of communication tools. Because of the existence of the trust relationship between the strong IM friends, information dissemination and influence the credibility of the much better than traditional advertising way. This year, the Coca Cola Co launched the online torch relay: if you make it to the online torch relay qualification, will receive the "torch ambassador" of the title, head office will appear a not light icon. If you can successfully invite other users to participate in the event within 10 minutes, your icon will be successfully lit, and will get the right to use Coca-Cola QQ online torch relay activities. This activity on a get out of hand, in 40 days "from" 40 million. It is conceivable that it has great power.


IGA (in-game-AD, which is built into the game, IGA advertising) is not only stiffly "tied" in the media, but lively and vivid long in the online. In recent years, 40 million ~ 50 million online games players obsessed with online games, these people are IGA communicators.

As in previous years, the

dance group of the mobile phone advertising, CF keyboard advertising, to create the effect of exciting


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