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Shanghai SEO (SWJ) today and to explore together with SEO excessive optimization contact relationship between the use of CSS tags and DIV+CSS call H page layout in the original H code code in the page, the search engine grab the link between!
we take Shanghai SEO at the top of the introduction to the analysis of code:
< div id=" info" >
< h1> Shanghai SEO (seo-sh)     SEO is a formal optimization means to help the target site to improve website ranking optimization site for the purpose of service. < br> Shanghai SEO service network     content includes: SEO basic knowledge, SEO optimization knowledge, SEO technology optimization, SEO strategy method, website planning marketing. < br> Shanghai SEO service network       always welcome SEO lovers with us to learn from each other, exchange and discuss SEO!
< /h1> < /div>

below is a screenshot of the Shanghai SEO website:

through the above 2 aspects of the show I would like to SEO new friends will certainly want to know why there is a clear code H1 tags, but why did not show when the font is not the size of the H1?

let Shanghai SEOer (SWJ) for everyone to answer: in fact, the code of the H1 is the DIV+CSS layout of the CSS call code and the page itself is the H1 property is different!

then I put the corresponding CSS code sent out to look at everyone:

#info H1; h2{font-size:12px; margin:0; word-spacing:-0.5em; padding:0; font-weight:normal; text-align:center

is more than CSS in the stylesheet code! I believe you should understand why seo-sh.cn H1 code is displayed in the visibility graph is not what we think that the H1 attribute in the font size! Do not close to Shanghai SEO goes to buy a piece of tofu "". ^ ^


has a friend Lenovo to SEO optimization questions so I ask, the web page of the H1 call and we generally use H1 to search engines have the H attribute of the tag will influence so many search engines will not be considered by the K and


Shanghai SEOer (SWJ>)

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