From the point of view of product managers bikini car wash entrepreneurs can learn from which

I dark horse: Beijing bikini beauty car wash, although the relevant departments to stop, but it does bring to the car wash. There is no denying that bikini beauty car wash is a cool product design, then from the point of view of the product manager, which is worth learning startups


these two days, one of the most wonderful discussion object is a small product: bikini beauty car wash. Even turned into a phenomenal topic.

review the case: a car maintenance center in Beijing kuju town of Chaoyang District launched a new service, as the owner of the car wash beauty wearing bikinis, not waxing, do not care, a fee to $880 for the high-end customers. Each car wash time will probably last for nearly an hour, so taking into account the physical strength of the two models, the number of cars will not be more than 3 vehicles a day. The two models are students in the sophomore year. Two models are not always in the conservation center. After the customer appointment, the store will do a good job location, equipment arrangements, and then notify the model.

is said that weekdays business is hot, it seems quite acceptable users. She said the job was interesting. But some people feel a bit vulgar, a lawyer said the relevant departments can be halted. Due to the impact of the car maintenance center has stopped the bikini beauty car wash service.

from the point of view of the product manager, bikini beauty car wash is a cool product design, it is worth starting companies learn:

1, bikini beauty car wash is essentially a flow of products, that is able to bring the company and product brand traffic and customer traffic. Now, due to the Internet channel of information dissemination completely flat, a company must design their own traffic products. For example, millet mobile power, ten thousand Ma $69, the basic power does not make money, but it is a flow of products, in other words, it can attract users like bikini car wash.

2, the bikini beauty car wash is still a bit sore. I often say that the pain is the basis for innovation to find all the high-end car users, they need not just car wash, but more forced grid products and services. Bikini car wash is actually a proposal from the user. According to this car maintenance center, once a customer to the store, if it is a beautiful car wash how good, so the store came up with the idea of letting the car to wear a bikini bikini beauty.

in fact, many bikinis tall ah, but not in the street car, why some people will feel bad.

3, to my surprise, a traditional enterprise should have iterative thinking. Under the pressure of public opinion is relatively large, the car washing company has stopped bikini beauty car wash business, the future launch of the business will not be related to other factors, such as bikini. However, probably through a period of training, to launch new high-end private customized services, such as "beauty mask" project. I am very optimistic about the car maintenance center, there are friends to know the knife, you can recommend. < >

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