Public comment Zhang Tao to find the right person is the key to the success of entrepreneurship

October 17th, the ten anniversary of China Sequoia Capital Fund entrepreneurs Festival "activities, the public comment founder and CEO Zhang Tao speech, he noted that" I deeply appreciate, to find the right person, is often the key to success, if this person is not suitable for your business development, should be promptly replaced. Outsiders to see a company may be a variety of problems, but in fact, the company may eventually be a few people.".

The following is the speech of Zhang Tao

, the "world network business" editor:

we should be an example of Sequoia China’s highest return on investment in china. In recent years, I have deep feelings, from a few thousand years ago, the battle of the regiment, to the end of the remaining 2 and a half, found that the Sequoia vote. We will also be some industry consolidation.

talk about the overall business environment changes

is now O2O, Internet plus era, now the industry change is very fast, a driving force of the largest is the Chinese middle class consumption upgrade. Now the most cattle Chinese word is translated into Internet plus, English is Internet plus, this is our dream. We are just beginning to do catering, then massage (SPA), and hairdressing, Manicure. The upgrading of the entire middle class over the years is very obvious, especially in the last 5 years. Data show that China’s annual income of more than 100 thousand of households, accounting for the proportion of Chinese families, 10 years ago in the year of 10%, basically flat, after more than 10 years to go up the top of the 45 degree angle. Then the whole middle class upgrade involves 10 years there is an idle away in seeking pleasure, the most important thing is the intelligent mobile phone, Jobs brings the mobile phone industry blowout. In recent years there is a big change, is the mobile phone payment, every year I see the Spring Festival evening party is to look at the red envelopes, now everyone is using a mobile phone to pay, there will be a blowout development this year, when I go out without a card, if the payment is by hand machine when to go to a restaurant. Mobile phone payment proportion in this year will reach 60%, and a spurt of development, this will be revolutionary.

group purchase is the era of PC products, 08 to 09 years, the rise in the United States, true to the mobile era, we think is to let users with flexible marketing plus points to help businessmen and consumers of mobile payment, to create an ecological distribution. We through the payment, marketing, integral way, by order closed-loop, equipped with data, membership information, which can produce market space is very great, it is a vision that has prompted us and group together.

talk about the essence of


O2O, "Internet plus", in the end where the border? Impossible a company to do everything. The strategic positioning, these words say that the company boundary in where? I often ask investors to a problem, we go to the market is not competitive, with 58? We have no competition, two are O2>

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