My myopia website operation plan

has recently been working on a website for myopia, and has some experience to share with you. The traditional industry needs a detailed user experience, the right marketing, high authority, reliability, in order to play power, and now as follows:

1, detailed user experience

UI and UE is very important to the reasonable collocation, website consultation is the patient, some color collocation is not serious will make patients lose confidence, out of site, so the choice of the color of the same color collocation, the information function of the F website user experience in the display, especially very important. F type of site refers to the general line of sight guidance, that is, first look at the top of a F, and then the following is a short horizontal, that is, from the top to the bottom of a vertical.

2, medicine website fully display marketing guide

there are some sites a large amount of information browsing is great, but the patient is the direct conversion rate is very low, why? Is that patients regard the website as a health information platform, just to check the information, read it and go, also don’t think through your website to find a doctor; of course, if you want to make the website information platform is different, here we are talking about the hospital marketing platform, we made good content need to be placed in the most appropriate place for customers to submit the information button or 400 free telephone consultation, in order to achieve the purpose of guiding patients, such as some good topics to be placed below the customer questionnaire, characteristics let the customer to fill in the patient, can be said to have free early diagnosis expert network is to obtain customer information.

3, the authority of the hospital website display

The qualification certificate,

hospital website must be placed in the hospital authority home home screen pictures, medical devices only; pay attention to the hospital. Not too long, must be a few words named points; patients had much patience to see you a long and minute statement.

4, interactive

forum is a kind of interactive good show, can put the contents of the forum to extract home, need to pay attention to is not to display the latest posts, must be set manually, or home forum information module will be malicious use, and now many sites will be placed online customer service system, this system is good can, and patients a way of communication, but note that 80% of the site is the online customer service popup window settings in the home to the middle position, which greatly affected the patients for reading website, some people may ask: "that we call the pop-up window where?", then I will said: "do you use MSN? MSN dialog window is playing out where? Do you feel uncomfortable, affect the normal reading and using your


5, website marketing

promotion is a big problem, I found online article about hospital marketing will talk about SEO, ha ha, I want you to look at my last article SEO have smelly street, good.

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