H5 it just looks beautiful

5 is the first contact with the HTML in 2012, and then a come back from the United States "sea turtles" to explore the development of virtual real estate showings channel electronic Loushu, after a lapse of two and a half years, how did not think "H5" actually evolved so crazy. If you don’t find out about the customer, evidence about "H5" can’t for your company’s image on the tall, the mobile phone is ready to share a classic case and the customer, even if "H5" is not the main business of the company. Of course, if there is no WeChat, it is estimated that the appearance of this crazy scene will be pushed for several years.

said "H5", in the public view, absolutely no connection with the meaning of Wikipedia entries, the public are more willing to believe that "H5" is just a dynamic circle of friends in the circle of posters and games. In this regard, you and I don’t have to fight, after all, the birth of WeChat has upset many concepts, this more than one anyway.

from the second half of 2014, surrounded by nervous cat hot onlookers, to a series such as "mad money", "in Ke Zhendong to find Jaycee Chan" no brain games have been on the line, from the known "Qingfeng baozi Pu", Alipay "ten years bill" gorgeous debut, "easy to show enterprises" and "show rice", "universal page" free application scene spurt emerged, it seems that "H5" is a Liaoyuanzhishi, completely detonated mobile Internet market in 2015.

layman watch, experts see road. In the face of more and more "H5" on the altar, I can only say that in recent years, network marketing companies like the days of "Wangxiao New Year", really bad ah. Time fragmentation accelerated information fragmentation trends, bubble mass information for the public, the feeling of fatigue grow with each passing day a lot of homogenization, information bombing, all marketing activities have become no force, once held "xiangbobo" — micro-blog has been marketing company lost corner, while WeChat has almost become a public number now the network marketing is the main battlefield.

as the only effective network marketing tools, WeChat public number is too many network marketing practitioners have high hopes, but the public number greatly increased, and the amount of reading to open rate continued to decline, the effective transmission of information greatly reduced, especially after reading several comments, more open, is facing a hitherto unknown embarrassment position. At a time when the "H5", let these practitioners again to see the dawn of the dawn, like Puhuo like have put "H5" wide chest and arms. But this kind of behavior in my opinion, is in a cocoon around oneself.

market craze for "H5", said the WeChat is expected the spread of dividends, but exactly how effective, the chain reaction can have much, no one can stand out and give a clear anticipation. From the second half of 2014 to the present, after six months of market practice, we are now at least able to draw a simple conclusion, "H5" just looks beautiful, just. On the effectiveness of marketing point of view, the form is greater than the content, a little harsh, "H5" can be used as marketing workers >

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