Differential marketing to overcome the disadvantages of the latecomer winners

is a small site, especially the new line of small and medium-sized site after a disadvantage obviously, lack of industry resources, how to avoid weaknesses, accurate positioning, through the implementation of differentiated marketing strategy, to find their own position in the fierce competition in the market environment, it is always the biggest problem confused all website operators.


latecomer disadvantage

days ago, inadvertently read Shanghai Century Publishing Group President Chen Xin published "past" fragments, the memories of 80s beginning at the beginning of the establishment of forest press, through accurate positioning, the implementation of "differentiated marketing strategy, will be the new press after a disadvantage to a minimum, finally successful" breakthrough ", to create a forest press the brand in the domestic industry in the past.

"outside the box, so, although the paper is about the last century publishing industry news in 80s, but for now in the homogenization of competition disadvantage, eager to play the" turnaround ", prove himself, his own position and win the industry Web site operators, has a certain referential enlightening text says:

"generally speaking, the new start-up (Publication). Lack of accumulation, is not primarily in economy and management, but in the author’s personal resources (behind the trust and press the author’s reputation), new (published) agency to overcome the disadvantage of backwardness in the short term, to catch up and even surpass the large (published old) agency (Publication) agency (often gathered a group of masters and experts), it is necessary to find new competitive strategy, out of Jones (difference) is the key.

just when editing, editing and many new contributions to keen on the famous masters, I also tried to soliciting famous economists. The system of economics reading, familiar with the subject resource map, which the national universities and research institutes, which has advantages in branches, which have several leading figures, my heart has an account. I worked for Wu Jinglian, Zhang Zhuoyuan, Zhao Renwei and many other famous economists have to write letters, but I had to repeatedly no echo; soliciting is almost no effect.

What impressed me most was the visit of Professor Chen Guanlie, Dean of the school of economics, Fudan University,

. Professor Chen Guanlie is the top domestic currency banking expert at the Fudan University, he learned a lesson on the currency and banking is very popular with the students, I know about his students to accompany me to the house to publish his contributions, currency and bank notes.

when I talk about soliciting idea, Professor Chen told me frankly, he has been to Beijing and Shanghai Press "besiege", after several years of all lined up as a scholar, he is very cherish their feathers, not deliberate to dare not easily theoretical writings, implication, I also even if he had listened to their satisfaction with the work can not lightly "betrothed" to the new press.

remarks although unpleasant, but out of the many university heart real publishing thinking. No >

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