These successful marketing cases in the private custom you know

movie "private custom", with dreams foursome for customers dreams of the main line, the interpretation of a dream for the customer set custom.

film, set off a discussion about social private custom. In fact, in all walks of life there are many private custom success stories, they are customized for the customer’s creative program not only allows the company’s reputation rose rapidly, but also for customers with a very unique user experience. Foreign trade marketing experts focus on Albert summed up a number of customized marketing case for your customers to see if you have a favorite personality fan children?

custom exclusive own bottle – Coca-Cola

more and more popular words on the network, Coca-Cola seize the opportunity to network buzzwords and Coca-Cola bottle design perfect combination. Write a different nickname nickname bottle in the bottle of Coca-Cola on the bottle, these nicknames, pure menfolk, metrosexual man moonlight clan, the beauty of oxygen, and fans, the goddess tall, rich and handsome face, Dili and so on. This unique way to cater to the popular culture of the network, also caught the people heart individuality demand, so many people love Coca-Cola began to find their own cola, even those who no matter which brand of cola drink people will be more inclined to Coca-Cola.

customized unique foreign trade network marketing program – focus Albert

custom, custom SEO website optimization, Google customized advertising program, see these words, you can think this is a help foreign trade enterprises to promote their products to foreign enterprises? This is the focus of Albert, founded nearly nine years, has been successful in providing foreign trade network marketing professional services for more than 10000 enterprises the enterprise. Its unique model project private custom service, an industry only serve a model for foreign trade enterprises are competing for this only place. This model, according to the characteristics of customer products, brand image, custom site style and structure, according to the customer’s products and promotion of market and industry to determine the optimal SEO strategy, according to the search, product market conditions, customer funds, customized advertising strategy. Of course, there are customer demand for customized media marketing strategy. Such exclusive private custom will undoubtedly be able to quickly and accurately convey the foreign trade enterprises in the hands of customers.

Home Furnishing – Luxuries order personalized delivery

LuxeHome delivery – a set of cloud computing, customization, free design, let a person feel unbelievable features in a Home Furnishing enterprise. Its business model, not only by the industry crazy learning and imitation, and the Internet gangster Alibaba executives praised as " C2B model " model; it now! Personalized custom will undoubtedly become the industry benchmark, when customers want to decorate their home, Luxuries delivery will send specialized designer home measurement survey, design a set of residential decoration plan to meet customer Home Furnishing. If you want to get a personalized furniture design experience

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