Cloud relocation one stop service company in the cloud technology was Alibaba over 50 million yuan B

as Ali cloud partners in mission level before the cloud technology announces B round of investment Alibaba more than 50 million yuan. Prior to this, in 2014, has been in the cloud technology Sequoia Capital and Gobi capital of 10 million yuan A round of financing. After this financing, the cloud technology has become the mission of Ali cloud partners, focusing on providing a variety of services and products based on Ali cloud.

cloud Mdt InfoTech Ltd is a focus on cloud computing consulting, solutions and services company, the main members from IBM, EMC, HP and other traditional IT companies. Founded in 2013, has been developed for two years, the team more than 100 people.

stationed in the cloud is currently able to provide a large number of industries based on Ali cloud solutions. Including the introduction of the new Solution as Service form of service model, that is, to help software vendors to complete the deployment, testing and delivery on the Ali cloud. Stationed in the cloud will provide business users with advice related to Ali cloud, purchase, solutions, professional services, the contents of these four blocks.

stationed in the cloud’s current main business, including Ali cloud training certification partners, Ali cloud online experimental class operations. At the same time, in the cloud service to aliyun proprietary cloud users at home and abroad, providing proprietary proprietary cloud platform management and so on sales and sales management system, with the upcoming release of Ali cloud cloud products proprietary version 2, the cloud will also serve more customers.

April 1st, aliyun Shanghai area formally authorized service center in Shanghai Zhangjiang office in the cloud. At the same time, Beijing and Hangzhou in the cloud also has a corresponding service center.

With the further expansion of

2016 cloud computing users, in the cloud mission has also become more clear: to help enterprises through big data cloud computing really Internet plus landing. After obtaining investment in Alibaba, the cloud will strengthen cooperation with ALI cloud strategy to help companies understand the real cloud computing, and truly learn to use cloud computing.

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