QQ red Alipay on line chat incoming giant mobile war battle

A5 (admin5.com) station network January 22nd news, after QQ, mobile phone incoming news broke the day before the Spring Festival Red war, Tencent has launched QQ red envelope function, send more than 5.3.2 version of the mobile phone QQ can support QQ red.


WeChat red line, mobile payment Tencent increasingly improved, the year 2013 to the beginning of 16, in the WeChat red users exceeded 5 million users per minute to receive a red envelope of up to 9412, and in 2015, WeChat red also has become one of the important means of social network marketing, WeChat.

The incoming

QQ red envelopes, or for the Tencent’s mobile payment and Tim Tiger wing, while standing in front of the mobile payment Alibaba, is not left behind, recent news, Alipay has opened online chat function, the new version will be launched next week. Different from before, only in the way of dialogue with the transfer postscript version of Alipay, will be in the "exploration" of two pages, adding "my friend" option, after entering the transfer page, you can directly with each other to send text, voice, pictures and other information.



mobile payment war intensified, we can think of the next scene is: using QQ software to chat with friends, friends suddenly provoked unhappy, or suddenly owe friends for a meal, and then use QQ direct transfer; Alipay transfer "apology", "please" when a friend, with money can not continue to chat with friends……

social software to increase the "transfer" and "red envelopes" and other functions, is to achieve the realization of social flow; means of payment online chat function, it means that the Alibaba of social value and unable to part, this is the mobile payment to compete is fight hand to hand with, social resources, mobile battle giant Tencent, Alibaba has declared war.

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