The development of parent and child website from vertical to platform parent child website transform

from last year, many Chinese retail enterprises have been operating in the winter: profit margins decline, sales growth fell sharply. However, maternal and child supplies in the area is a Balabala’s annual sales of Spring is in the air., such as Semir’s October mummy reached 4 billion yuan, annual sales of 1 billion yuan. A survey shows that China’s average annual birth of 16 million newborns. China’s new generation of maternal and child population per capita annual consumption of 5000 to $18000, by 2015, China’s total maternal and child market will reach 2 trillion yuan.

although the maternal and child market spending power is huge, but the parent child network war is still only subdivided into two types: E-Commerce Oriented and content based information of the two. Last year, e-commerce category of parent site were four, famous website red child was acquired, maternal channel Jingdong, Dangdang, on the line…… The information is the main content of parent-child sites have divided basic clear market positioning, but if the baby tree, cradle network, mother network, mother said membership scale in the millions of times the parent-child website on micro-blog, the past two years, the rise of mobile Internet fierce market environment, but also out of the way the transformation.

two years ago, my mother Forbes Chinese version of network founder reporters emerging in Guangzhou’s Liu Ying and chairman of the board, the vertical portal is called "local mother’s own website, has been in the country’s more than and 40 city fall flowering, the number of members reached 6 million people, Guangzhou area more than 600 thousand members in each year the big city held nearly 2000 field line activities.

the past two years, once again visit Liu Ying, she made a detailed analysis of a road transformation time the mother network in the past: city expansion slowed down, concentrate on the development of the city has dozens of local life information platform, it will make deep and stronger; focus on specialization of parent-child content in the field of mobile app. The new mobile Internet brings the opportunity to share. Local consumers and local brands of income on both sides, in the case of an increase of about 130% of the number of members, advertising revenue is about two years ago, about 5 times.

June 2011, $50 million in venture capital financing Mom Network formally Tencent, which began to attract outside attention, while the mother network also homeopathic launched 100 city plan, deep around the city life information community, and the expansion team, and strengthen technology.

Liu Ying, but Forbes admits that the Chinese network, the current hundred city plan has been basically terminated. After more than a year of exploration and adjustment, the mother of the network site is basically fixed in the country’s more than and 30 provincial capital cities.

she finally made the decision and not because of money or income to support the Tencent — has 50 million wind investment gold is still lying in the account is not used, but due to the localization of maternal vertical portals, many in the three or four line of the city is very difficult to find both the understanding of maternal information website characteristics, and understand the Internet talents. Team building can not keep up, content and operation must be.

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