Exposure WeChat will build a platform for the protection of the rights of the brand micro business f


] March 13th news billion state power network, close to the "315", the enterprises are speeding up "self-examination", WeChat also began to comb a business ecosystem. Recently, there is news that WeChat will officially launched a brand rights platform in April this year, support and other aspects of the brand trademark rights through the platform.

it is reported that after the launch of WeChat brand rights platform, will open the door to enter the trademark rights of the right to apply for the entrance process.

The general process of

platform for users to find: selling behavior, submit fake clues, brands receive user selling clues, verified, and then verify the results of feedback to the activist platform. Finally, WeChat brand rights platform to verify the results according to the relevant account, and inform the user.


WeChat brand rights platform flow diagram (pictures from the WeChat faction public number)

news that the first batch of brands can be included in the inspection of Louis · (Louis), Adidas (Adidas), MontBlanc (Vuitton), (Montblanc), Cartire (Cartier), etc..

According to

billion state power network to understand, after the rise of micro business, the circle of friends began to appear all kinds of shopping promotion, many WeChat public number also began to get involved in the sale of goods, but derivative supply channels are complex, uneven quality, pirates, piracy, It is often seen. fake, defective etc., has become a hidden danger of brands.

industry insiders said, WeChat brand rights platform on the line, the first to be affected by the circle of friends purchasing group. There are many previously disclosed "strange phenomenon", such as the seller by software can change their location "in foreign countries, and even pretend to" create false orders record, creating the popular business illusion, lead consumers hooked.

in addition, it is understood that years ago from WeChat to prohibit a public number to MLM, that "have frequently been reported on the shopping account title" news, WeChat official recently released more signals for micro business, once the micro business barbaric growth for a period of time, perhaps in this year will usher in a new node.

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