Google law dispute domain name Google Legal com be arbitrated

renamed China ( May 18th news, according to foreign news, Google in May 13 to the National Arbitration Forum filed for arbitration "Google law" domain name for


domain name was registered in February 2015, from registration to appeal only 3 months, because Google is so resolutely for the arbitration process is very proficient in



from the beginning of 2015, Google has applied for, Google-Placementads.US and of the domain name arbitration, prior to this, Google has a one-time arbitration more than and 700 domain names, is not too famous, so where are being remembered.

based on the three elements of the arbitration, if the domain name and Google trademark confusion similar and malicious use, the domain name ownership transferred to the name of Google.

according to foreign media news, the U.S. National Arbitration Forum is still in the trial of the case, the results have not come out, but now through the discovery of whois information, the domain name is now owned by Google Corporation.

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