Today’s headlines alleged infringement was headline trademark claim 1 million yuan

according to the Beijing City Court news, saying that today’s headlines violated its "exclusive right headlines" trademark, Beijing Bo days Hengye Advertising Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the plaintiff) will operate today’s headlines Beijing bytes Beating Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as the defendant) to court, claims 1 million yuan. The day before the court hearing the case in the west.

plaintiffs believe that as early as 2011, the company’s legal registration, it made the headlines trademark rights, valid until the year January 2021, approved services for thirty-fifth categories, mainly advertising services. Today’s headlines APP is developed and operated by the defendant since August 2012, and the headlines two words as the icon of APP. In the web page also highlights the use of today’s headlines, headlines and other logo.


plaintiff believes that although on the surface of today’s headlines is a reprint of the information tool, but in fact is to push advertising for the purpose of profit products, the APP in pushing the general content of the information to the user at the same time, also for advertising agency, advertising, advertising and other activities. This day sunny and Bo advertising service is the same.

said the defendant in court, byte beating the company to today’s headlines, headlines and icons in ninth kinds of downloadable software, forty-first types of online entertainment services, Internet search engine, forty-second class provides thirty-eighth types of Internet computer terminals and other services are registered trademarks, APP is a video, text, image content that is completely different from the advertising and propagation properties, and in the thirty-fifth day Bo Hengye advertising services on the registered trademark is also no relationship, is not likely to cause confusion, therefore does not involve the infringement.

said the two sides can accept mediation, the case will be sentenced.

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