Pure Chinese domain name China submitted application in November 16th

November 16th morning news, China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) today formally submitted to the internet name and digital address allocation Agency (ICANN) about the world’s top Chinese domain name". Formal international application in china. It is expected that as early as the beginning of next year, the global Internet users will be able to use". China end of pure Chinese domain name access to the internet. Video: pure Chinese domain name, China submitted today for

media source: Beijing satellite TV "Beijing you early"

According to CNNIC

, assistant director Qi Lin, at the end of June this year, Chinese total number of Internet users has reached 338 million people, for this part of the crowd,". China does not appear to bring inconvenience to them, they can still use the original English domain name in accordance with the internet. In addition, if they use the Chinese domain name will be very convenient. Currently, the Chinese domain name has been IE7, IE8, Chrome, Firefox, Netscape, Safari, Opera and other mainstream browsers direct support.

In addition to the

, it was introduced in the browser address bar, ” ‘and’ ‘ Is completely equivalent, without the need to switch input method, the future of traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese will also be equivalent to the global use of Chinese Internet users can easily use.

on the end of the month, at the ICANN meeting in Seoul finally passed the "IDN ccTLD (IDN ccTLD) fast track implementation plan", which marks the". China and other international domain names written into the global root domain name system to achieve accessibility accessible worldwide is a foregone conclusion, and entered the substantive stage of global deployment.

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