n the history of the most cattle rectification of the ecological network

night, overtime at home a little tired pen. He rubbed his eyes, opened the Google, and typed the familiar words.

can let him surprise, the computer screen does not appear that he is familiar with the website link, also cannot let him enjoy the beautiful pictures of red noodles ear heat pop-up pages only the following text: "search results may involve does not comply with the relevant laws and regulations and the policy content, cannot be displayed."

rectification coming, thunder

A storm blew up

. A website editor, who declined to be named, said, these days the leadership of the meeting every day, we often work late into the night." A middle cover up the pressure on them: "this is the real thing, if problem, unlucky leadership, so now everyone’s action is also very quickly."

hitherto unknown "rectification action" by directly named in the form of China Internet association Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center regularly publish the results of rectification, named after the site rectification will be exposed again. January 8th – not NetEase, such as Tianya 5 sites named again; 12, Myspace.com, POCO has also been named.


got the "severe" in the history of the Internet Chinese perhaps for the first time, the website was closed more and more vulgar. January 9th, is love sister, stockings beauty, the most real candid camera network and dream island and other 41 major pornographic and vulgar content of the site was closed according to law. The next day, "789 body art" and "678 body art", "cool," as many as 50 illegal websites have been ordered to shut down.

"was supposed to be all right." Referring to the special action, the famous IT commentator Qin Tao bluntly said.

the evening of January 6th, Sina and other NetEase, Sohu, Tencent, 12 commercial sites at almost the same time hanging out a letter of apology, similar content of vulgar content website exists, apologize to the majority of Internet users. Release time is so uniform, smell sensitive people have felt the storm is coming.

"a page to find a page, do not miss any one link, do not leave any dead." January 10th, the State Council Information Office, director of the center for Internet news research Liu Zhengrong warned that all Internet information service units are not lucky".

Qin Tao that was the absolute injustice, but also the number of. For example, some online games company’s advertising is the most vulgar thing I’ve seen on the Internet, the first second batches of the list actually did not want the list of the third have them."


of this action, the majority of Internet users applauded, a Shaanxi netizen in Baoji NetEase’s message, has won many people’s support: "we don’t be sarcastic, you have children, you will understand the significance of this."

would rather sacrifice the flow, do not.

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