There is no best copy only the most suitable copy of the current do not have to write 100 points

original title: do not always have to write 100 points.

is not in the final analysis, there is no 100 points, and your 100 points and my score is not the same as the one of the 100 points.

we say, in the end whether or not to pursue their hearts 100 points on the good.

always wants to present 100 to everyone, this is a mistake.

to copy, I always have an intrinsic: there is no best copy, only present the most suitable.


write copy is not just sitting in front of the computer just hammering.

behind it is a series of data collection, analysis, interviews, exploration, understanding process.

every simple sentence, there are not simple thinking.

text is very simple, writing this text is not simple.

, like writing programs, the simpler and easier you look at, the more advanced the technology behind it.

therefore, the decision to write a copy of the situation, there are generally three elements.

1 time:

The more time

has, the more time to think, to modify, and to be able to write as much as possible. It will give you ten minutes and give you an hour.

gives you a week to sort out information, prepare, and give you a month to do market research, analysis, interviews, written out will be different.

time is an important factor in determining quality.

2 ability:

this ability is not purely so-called copywriting, or writing quality.

but the ability to think, explore, empathy, analysis, these seemingly abstract ability, but it is precisely the key to the specific document.

The worse the ability to copy the

hand, the more like to work on the word.

good disguise they can not find the user pain points guilty.

3 budget:

needless to say, give you one thousand pieces with you to write a copy of the product, you spend the mind must be different.

collar twenty-six thousand months with a month of the copy of the hand, under the effort and serious must be different from the sixty-eight thousand.

sometimes is not the ability to determine the income of the copywriter, but the pocket of the client decided to copy the input.

I dare say that there are more than 6 copies of the hand for the immediate copy of the input is less than 6.

because they eat only 6 cents per meal.


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