Personal Adsense transformation E commerce

has a lot of webmasters have more than one domain name, a number of sites. Many owners said they do is a garbage station, and we used to call the garbage station is a little bit of traffic by the union to survive the station. This station, in the now, search engines have become increasingly demanding, traffic is gradually reduced, the price is low, union buckle quantity, and its own website and no specific profit projects, it is only an idea.

many personal webmaster has begun to transition, began to sell their website. Some owners have to change jobs, and many owners have embarked on this road. So think about what kind of station to do?

the price of Baidu why success? Even a click on the price at around 10 yuan, but why there are so many companies to bid? Because the keyword can bring a lot of business for them, and bring the business far more than the cost of click. This also affects a lot of SEO gens.

as the saying goes: "keep a good shade tree, many units to buy Baidu keyword, but there are a lot of people did not buy keywords. So we stand on the choice of these words on behalf of the industry stand.

here to illustrate it: for example, Chengdu training this keyword was purchased, and that the training industry in Chengdu is very rich. Training so much, we can according to their own personal experience of the market analysis, identify a training project site, such as English training, computer training, accounting training, etc.. Do not look down upon these, if there is a parent or student search this one of the key to your site, and telephone counseling, registration requirements. This month’s income is about half of the white-collar treatment. Then the individual owners may ask, we just set up a website, but we do not have classes? This is a very good solution to the problem, according to our personal power to do the class or training school is not so easy to achieve, but the existing class or school in a city is many. We can take the initiative to contact him, the recruitment of students, and they give Chengdu higher.

I’m just here to talk about a simple aspect, I hope to be ready to turn to the enlightenment.

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