Talking about to enhance the transformation of several mobile phone Taobao law

believes that recently there are many Taobao sellers feel, from Taobao mobile phone traffic is soaring, there are many shops from Amoy hand even more than 60%, more than the PC side, in the current trend of the prospects for development, conversion and performance should be said is very good, but most of the shops is not the smug, from hand wash sales, down conversion rate is too low, or.

actually, hand wash now just in the development stage, if we go to the field of hand Amoy, then the conversion rate is higher than the PC side, but many sellers do not sell Amoy rivals, do not know how to improve the conversion rate of turnover and hand wash. Here, I’ll give you a summary of the law to improve the transformation of mobile phones Taobao, we can refer to, learn about.

first point: do the title keyword optimization

mobile phone terminal is different and the PC terminal, PC terminal can see more product information, and mobile phone end is unable to understand more, so we have to do a good job of keyword optimization title, to fully experience the selling point, advantages and characteristics of the baby. In the setting of the title, you can add some words of products or the main word, hand wash not like the PC side that, in order to search and to search hot words, our ultimate goal is to transform, it is recommended that you add elements of selling products.

second points: beautify, handle the window of the picture

in the mobile phone side, I suggest that we have to deal with the baby’s image is more detailed, in the main map can be appropriate to add some promotional information products, after several plans to fully enhance the selling point of the product. Many sellers in the PC side has been used to clean the window, but after all, the information displayed by the mobile terminal is limited, if you can add some product information on the picture, but also to attract buyers.

third: baby description

talking about the weight of the phone search, I stressed the need to join the phone details page, you can improve the weight, so how do you optimize the phone Taobao details page?

now there are a lot of shops do this, is the PC page directly after the details of the page, directly into the phone side of the details of the page, which led to the entire details of the page is very long. In fact, in the mobile terminal, we need to do more than just 6 pages of the screen, so that customers can not need to spend too much traffic, and let the baby show more quickly.

mobile phone Taobao page details generally include these aspects: the introduction of the product, the product of the larger picture, product details, product selling points and product sales, so that customers worry free shopping.

fourth: product activity

in the mobile phone Taobao mobile phone special events page, display activities and other promotional activities Taobao currency more customers desire to buy and almost more, but now many Taobao buyers account is the accumulation of Taobao ratio, especially female consumers, tend to make full use of Taobao currency to self >

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