The nine most effective ways to improve Alexa rankings

when we know what Alexa is, and why we need to improve Alexa, the next focus is to talk about how to improve the Alexa rankings.

what I’m talking about here is not a way to cheat. For example, you use the search to search the Alexa brush " you will see a lot of Alexa through the brush to improve the page, or brush each other alliance, or tools to brush, or to improve the simulation by IP. These do not reflect your true traffic.

I said here, the method is reasonable and legitimate, will not blow out the big bubble, will not be punished by the search engine.

1) install Alexa toolbar, or install Firefox under the SearchStatus plug-in. And set their own Blog as the default home page, so every time you open the browser, Alexa statistics began to work.

2) Alexa ranking statistics on the Blog on the widget, when it is clicked, it is equivalent to Alexa statistics to a PV, even if the user does not install the Alexa toolbar.

3) if you can, install the Alexa toolbar in your company or office computer.

4) when the post in the webmaster forums leave your links, general webmaster Alexa installed more, when they visit your Blog, would certainly help.

5) Alexa redirection, when you can leave a message, this link: when the user clicks on the link, the equivalent of adding a PV to your site, and be captured by Alexa, even if he did not use the Alexa browser.

6) to your Blog to add a Alexa classification, the articles on the Alexa are on the inside, so that the owners have a greater opportunity to come to your Blog, of course, your ranking is easy to rise.

7) find the most popular article on your Blog, add a link to the Alexa, or use the redirect link in the fifth point to your own post.

8) to provide some webmaster tools, so webmasters will often visit, and improve your Alexa rankings, such as SEO online tools in the Google PageRank Checker is a good example.

9) ninth, no, you think about it.

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