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for a long time did not write articles, and has recently been diving, and now come out a bubble;

This article is about

from my "Funny SMS" ( to find the link to speak; before I read these few steps to fix my site outside the chain within the chain, the feeling is very good, but their actual operation is not so smooth. SMS site is included to help a friend after the update, because of their busy hasn’t been on the side to push, no links, the recent Olympics came; remembered that he had a message station, there may be people because of the arrival of the Olympic Games and send some blessing short letter like it; I think this should have to find some links to the station; but before I spent a very big effort to let Baidu included, can refer to the "new" before the 5 end of the month to be Baidu collected. So try to find a few related stations want to do links with them, but the answer is the same, the website ranking is bad, was shut out. It seems that they have to reflect on, and why others can easily find links, and I can not do not do? Sometimes really a bit depressed, seriously do a stand is very important. Find some links do need to pay attention to the matter also made out:

1. Do Links should be targeted. Net can not be chaos! Do you want to do Links and our own website content related website links! This and the state to determine their foreign policy, and policy consistency in their own countries of the country to go to the past is a truth! Because of your site and theme websites do Links. Can more accurately reflect their own content, what is to tell others even the search engine’s own website theme. To know that this society is never like a lack of their own ideas, not their own style, and even do not have their own content, of course, the search engine is no exception!

2. Do not Links to watch others PR! Some friends do Links the love to do Links and high PR! Of course we do not oppose it, people are so envious of your things, but PR does not necessarily mean that he gave you the return is the most high! Because they give you in return with his website link inversely proportional to how much! If you connect a PR 8 station on the 100 (the link here refers to the source code for all a tags), if a PR 1 station link on the 10 then! From the common sense to you in return for the former (8/100=0.08), the latter to you in return for (1/10=0.1). Obviously rewards than the former! So when Links must take into account the number of links to other websites! Of course not you and PR do not advocate Links 8 station, we just want to say to despise those who PR very low when they do not stand for 8 friendship PR the link! Also have nations and diplomatic, for example! If you don’t have too much information.

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