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Hello everyone, a long time did not write anything in the Admin5, and more recently, I finally helped his hometown get a local forum. To tell the truth, my home is in Jiangxi in Shangrao, and I was working in Shenzhen, it is because of this reason, when I started to spread at the forum. As a result of their own industry has always been the site and enterprise stations, local sites are not very familiar with the promotion. I remember 20 days ago, when I was in the local forum Admin5 search, found a lot of ways to promote local forums online, a lot of benefits. The following is a brief summary of the experience of the recent promotion of local forums.


that is a small town, not many Internet users, but also is home to do something to make this forum, the next county has a good forum, our county is poor, but also the local forum can not worse than others ah. Later on with DZ get a local forum. As a result of the body in a foreign land, I can only advance through the online promotion of my forum.

first, the forum first spent more than 3 days of work time to add some pictures of the county, the article, etc. a good content

. These can be found through the internet.

second, the initial content of the site to do a good job, and then the organization of the above QQ fellow high school classmates, together on the QQ publicity. In fact, QQ group promotion is indeed a very good online method, I added a total of 20 local QQ group, he also built a senior local community QQ group, and now I QQ group number to the 150. QQ group promotion let my site has the first batch of visitors.

third, in fact, from the QQ group to promote the evolution of a lot of online promotion methods for local forums, such as Baidu post bar. I personally feel that the more effective method is extended in 51 and the school network, find the space message fellow, this method is very good, because to the affirmation of the campus and 51 is the love of network community, if their home have a community can not join in.

fourth, site 15 days to eleven holiday, this time the promotion website, you should know the QQ group inside have a message, every day I find some fresh county articles, pictures sent to the forum, in the QQ group information to the mass of 20 local QQ group, the 3 site IP suddenly increased by 5 times, from the original 60 IP into 300 IP.

fifth, a forum of development cannot do without a good moderator, a local forum more cannot do without a good moderator. Indeed, the success of a local website =80% +10% +10%’s efforts to innovate. The students and villagers are willing to do each moderator. The forum lively.

sixth, Baidu is now income, the development of the forum a bright ah.

the last thing I want to tell you is that you don’t get too many forums, especially small ones

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