Garbage flow can also make a regular website

some time ago, I collected a lot of good site navigation station, wrote "TOP40 web site navigation recommendation share" I thought I was the high traffic web site basically are included, then some friends see my article, tell me some of the big flow station. So I was very ashamed, especially a particularly large flow of Web site "" I didn’t know, this site ALEXA ranking although only 2W, but the average ranking has reached more than 4 thousand, is developing very fast. If you only look at the ALEXA rankings, this site has more than and other sites. exactly is where sacred, see the PR value is only 1, should be the site is not a particularly long time of a web site. Because of the domain name, or a promotion means? Later, through some channels to inquire about the news, and finally know the experience of growth, and now share with you. webmaster had a day IP100W or more of the video search site, the site’s traffic is mainly from a number of video pictures or beautiful pictures of the exchange of traffic. When I was in front of the company, with this site swap over traffic, I remember the day swap IP above 5W. The exchange flow between these sites (user) is mainly a group of small love movie "erotic" pictures of men, because this kind of user is where there are good things to go, it is difficult for users to settle down. The industry is also referred to the "junk traffic" the no commercial value flow. The general people do such website is probably do advertising alliance, earn advertising fees, but the webmaster but have not walked this road.


because this site is doing video search, and traffic is huge. Some of the big sites do P2P found inside the user value, are competing to put the video site client advertising. Later webmaster want to, you have so much garbage video flow, to do the wedding dress for others, also is making a video client, users grasp in their own hands, can do more other things.


later they made their own 2 video client, these users slowly precipitation. At that time, they are also thought to be a web site, until a new web site for his client do bundle, and promised to pay a fortune so he more surprised when the Commission, 1166 Adsense wondering: Well, continue to do the second, than to get a web site to try what so much people are keen to do such a thing in his opinion very SB. Don’t forget about it, one to find, that he is the real SB. The site of the tough, let him be struck dumb, so 116>

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