Kun Peng Theory since 2016 the media writing trick to teach you how to write false original content


recent days Kun Peng wrote several articles about the theory of media positioning, content and other aspects of the original article, will share some methods for everyone, but there are still some people and Kun Peng on feedback, feel the pure original is a very difficult thing, so today we Kun Peng theory and discuss some pseudo original practice.

for the so-called pseudo original, I believe a lot of people from the media are not unfamiliar, there are a lot of people do. Of course, some people do well, some people do not good. Kun Peng today to share with you the way, if you have a good grasp, write out the original and false original content can not be too much difference. Seize the time, not at all! Of course you can also add Kun Peng on self media writing training camp, exercise together content creation ability. WeChat plus dpteng001, remarks "plus writing group". In the most recent period of time, writing training will begin.

for the original content is difficult, basically is two points:

don’t know what to write

don’t know how to write

so the adaptation of other people’s articles at least solve the "do not know what to write" problem. So Kun Peng today to tell you how to solve the problem do not know how to write.

a news adaptation


we may not understand, the network publishing content, but also the copyright, although the cost of rights is very high, but at least there are relevant legal constraints. However, there are some news content is no version of protection, such as current news, what does this mean?

at least, you have other news content to take over wholly intact release, that is your own, the theory is no problem, not tort. Of course, our theme today is based on the modification of others, so it is not our style.

but have above a bottom, afraid of what? You can rest assured bold change, the worst result is what did not change directly.

news content, in fact, is very easy to organize and create, relative to literary works, professional literature, etc., it is not so high on the requirements of the text.

as a kind of narrative style, the basic elements of the news and our school Chinese textbook used in narrative six elements is the same, the textbook to generalize them as "6W", namely:

who (Who)

when (When)

Ho (Where)



why (Why)


process (How)

in another way is: character, time, place, cause, process, result.


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