Network promotion wedding photography entry

has worked for a wedding photography studio to do the network promotion work, this will be a little finishing work experience, dedicated to share for everyone to share.

promotion first step: website planning, website construction

when I entered the company, the boss’s website has just done half of my expectations, is to build an interactive website.

1, to have a simple and refreshing style of design, in line with the majority of people’s aesthetic vision, but also reflects the high taste of the visual studio.

2, the website in addition to information display, picture display, but also should have online order function, member management function. If you have the conditions, you can also cooperate with other sites, to our members free of charge to open a blog.

3, the site navigation to clear, each one can be very clear to know, in this site I can see what things, to the sub column page can be very convenient to return to the higher column and back home.

4, you can use a variety of very convenient means to contact us. Such as online QQ, online MSN, or online customers, etc..

of course, the final build out of the site did not meet all the requirements.

promotion second steps: site optimization

this is my first network marketing practice case. Even before this company, I only heard of website optimization, but I couldn’t understand how the website optimization method and website optimization and network promotion what relationship, fortunately, no studio location, has not opened, I have time to learn this knowledge.

some knowledge about website optimization

two optimization content:

1, search engine for SEO optimization of the relevant content of " > SEO optimization. There are web site background technology optimization, and front page optimization.

2, website user experience SEM optimization.

Optimization of

network operators usually speak, mostly for the first: in SEO search engine optimization, SEO Optimization Website, have a lot of knowledge online, here I will not repeat.

promotion third steps: network promotion + line promotion

was doing promotion, there is no advertising budget. All the promotion is free. Moreover, in fact, to do a studio costs will not be too high, but just opened, must be a list of fast, in order to be able to spend the early difficult period.

so, my idea is to do precision marketing (Sales) + event sponsorship (improve visibility). This is a promotion of work.

spend part of the effort to make accurate marketing network promotion, to get customers to maintain the daily operations of the company; that is a common means of real network forum in Shenzhen a high activity to vest.

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