Dedicate yourself to the forum for 3 years of publicity experience

A lot of

propaganda method, the key lies in practice, the last time I saw a post in Admin5, introduced 10 web sites in the world’s most unique, the owners put their posts into the inside of the propaganda, the effect is very good, I was trying to get a website, well outside the chain increased a lot, now! There is collection! This is the actual action effect, the cognitive results converted to


my own summary of the forum propaganda method

1 to find their own website related forums, reply to the post can add their own forum name, domain name can not write. Encountered someone to find information or software, you can write × × forum.

2 plus QQ group, a lot of friends are used, the effect is not bad, a 100-200IP is not a problem.

3.bolg publicity, their own more than a few registered, I am a bolg site to register a more than and 10. Very good for GG optimization.

4 forum publicity, both to flow, but also more than the chain. I do my own work. The forum is the main link conversion is relatively poor.

5 Baidu know, YAHOO knowledge hall, Sina asked to master the furnace and the method…

6 write soft. An article in the soft Admin5 at least can bring you more than 15 of the chain, of course, master more powerful.

7 keyword publicity, I do not know how to define this, but I practice, the effect is not bad. Especially for GG. Method is to define a keyword. For example, I want to make the word "benevolent life", pointing to the site, send a related post on its website, and then use the above method of 2-5, the word around work, especially for the emerging things, such as 2009 QQ. What a new version of the software. Or is not out of the software, you can send a message ahead of time to let everyone to improve the functionality of the software, the software to come out, you must be in front of the word. Effect is very good. GG generally results in a very short period of time to come to the Baidu special flow.

seems to have, it is something. I am not a computer, that is to go a lot of detours, always practice here, to share some of their own experience, we exchange a lot, and must remember the various methods used in practice, no action to perfect theory are talking. The new Chinese mold forum has not been included, the address is do not know what the reasons are more than 1 months. Methods many kinds of test. There are friends who can help my brother remember to add my QQ.

your action? When you see a good method, full of excitement. when put into action immediately, we believe that the flow is no longer worry


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