115 SkyDrive V5 new beta build storage sharing social platform

              Admin5 station network May 9th news, for its 115 SkyDrive today officially launched the approximate Web OS platform V5 beta version, the integration of the social function based on the traditional SkyDrive storage and sharing, Internet applications will seamlessly combine network storage, instant messaging and micro-blog, resource sharing community, application market a variety of popular to a platform, allowing users to enjoy the new experience of cloud storage center.

115 SkyDrive take this beta invitation code, in addition to the whole point of a certain amount of each issue invitation code, SkyDrive account to reach more than 15 can be directly involved in the beta, users can grab at other levels on invitation code, or to obtain high level user invitation link.

is the 115 version of SkyDrive V5 cloud storage platform to personal network storage and share based: file management, localization of the diverse ways to share and convenient instant messaging, rich Internet applications and resources have a unique style of social circle of friends, the platform has been further strengthened.

V5 version of the social function embodied in: (1) instant messaging. A group of friends to chat, make friends with congenial persons within the platform, zero distance communication. (2) huge resources. Circle of friends, batch sharing, dynamic sharing of storage resources. (3) quick sharing. Drag and drop, dynamic sharing, simple and quick (4) social applications. Rich social components, send micro-blog, write logs, comments can be easily achieved.

SNS, micro-blog as the representative of social media is the spread of the domestic Internet, many young people to share resources and communication through the Internet and music. Since its establishment in 2009 115 SkyDrive, 2 years short time the number of users has increased to 10 million level, become the most famous free SkyDrive service provider. The 115 SkyDrive upgrade to V5 version of cloud storage center integration of various social functions, to further enhance the user viscosity, storage and sharing have become an indispensable important part of public network life. SkyDrive on the domestic industry, this is undoubtedly a historic leap, will greatly expand the development of network storage sites. The development of the 115 SkyDrive follow-up, the concern of network storage, concerned about the Internet trend of friends to look forward to.

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