Zhao Yong integration innovation let us go further

distinguished teachers, peers, everyone good. First of all, thank you for giving us such an opportunity, so that we can get together to share, learn together. This year is also the first time we take part in the first car network media forum, we feel honored. First of all, please allow me to do a simple introduction to our website.

in the car network is an online security professional automotive website. China Security Online is approved by the State Council Information Office, opened in January 1, 2006, Anhui’s only major news portal. Now an online based on the powerful group of Anhui Daily News newspaper group in the integration of resources, nine newspapers and three periodicals resources after the opening of the Anhui news network, Anhui, automotive, tourism, real estate, finance and other more than and 30 news. By the end of 06, in the form of an online car program into a professional website of the performance, the formation of the car network, its purpose is to put in the car made Anhui the industry’s most professional and most authoritative automotive website.

integration of media resources to achieve double harvest marketing

in the past two years, the Anhui auto market showed a rapid growth trend. As of the end of 2007, Anhui car ownership has exceeded 6 million. Anhui car production increased from 5 to 659 thousand vehicles in. In particular, Chery, JAC’s own brand of the rise of the automotive industry, is to become the leading force in the automotive industry in Anhui.

with the rapid development of Anhui automobile market, we find that we have lagged behind the marketing tools have been unable to keep up with the rapid development of market demand. From 06 years to 07 years, the safety of the car network abandoned the traditional business model. We have joined the Anhui automotive Press Association, which has been the editor in chief of Anhui’s mainstream media, such as TV, newspaper, Internet, radio and so on. The association of integrated media resources, successfully held the "Chery’s tour", "ten kings", the province’s Wind Eagle reporter walked into Binyue production base and a series of activities. Omni directional, multi angle propaganda report has attracted a large number of readers, while the advantages of the integration of news resources has also been recognized by the manufacturers.

in the integration of local media resources in Anhui, the car network is also an active use of the advantages of provincial local news portal alliance, and around the news portal has also carried out a number of cooperation. The Chery 1 million line day, car installed more than and 30 Joint Provincial news portal was broadcast live, the sharing of resources save a lot of cost for everyone, but also make their own media to enhance the value of brand.


through the integration of resources on news and publicity plan, the first is the site to save a huge amount of cost, followed by mutual cooperation between the media can learn from each other, expanding the influence and also to achieve the win-win cooperation.

continue to develop new products rich marketing tools

07 years we have developed a number of new products, such as SMS interactive platform, mobile newspaper. Events via SMS platform >

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