National nternet information office to investigate a number of illegal mobile news client

Xinhua news agency in Beijing on September 30, the state Internet Information Office issued a circular on the day before, the new hot list drawer "," fruit network "," ZAKER news "and" news, "3G portal" in detail, "tribal" bee news "and a number of failure to obtain Internet news information service qualification, engaged in illegal the mobile client Internet news information service, requiring rectification in accordance with the law. Notification requirements around the Internet content authorities in accordance with the law strictly regulate mobile news client services, and promote the healthy and orderly development of mobile Internet news.


according to the national Internet Information Office of the person in charge, in recent years, with China’s rapid development of mobile Internet, new applications and services such as mobile news client Internet popularization, the growing influence, rich online news and information content, information to meet the diverse needs of people to play a positive role, but also has some prominent problems. Some mobile news client openly publish all inappropriate publication banner, etc., the creation of public places should not be and other columns, publish pornographic and vulgar information, endangering the physical and mental health of young people. Some mobile news client does not have the legal qualification of Internet news information service published false information, illegal. Some mobile app store internal audit mechanism is not perfect, for illegal mobile news client to provide recommended download services, disrupting the order of online news and information dissemination.

pointed out that according to the "bulletin", "Internet information services management approach", "Internet news information service management regulations" and other relevant laws and regulations, mobile news client operating units engaged in the Internet news information service must be approved by the Department in charge of Internet content approval and filing, and obtain the corresponding qualifications according to the law, without obtaining the qualification shall not engage in Internet news information service. The mobile application store shelves released, nor provide download services such as illegal mobile client.

"bulletin" requirements of the information content across the Internet departments to further increase efforts to investigate and punish, with qualification of Internet news information services, mobile clients engaged in illegal Internet news information services, take rectification measures in accordance with the law, refuses to rectification, to be shut down and banned according to law, and earnestly safeguard the mobile Internet news communication order.

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