A the new online venture must

count, do their own shop for a long time, four or five months, said not long nor short, it seems to me. It is also a growth experience.

easy to open an online shop, the Internet, the whole process of QQ381713669

me, is 90. Just 90 years ago after the 90 transition, also more than and 20, also Laotaibuxiao (consider the marriage, but now, hehe), eating at home, with the family.

someone told me that Taobao’s life is great, and can let you die, in life, every day very uncomfortable, although there are a lot of time, but it does not make full use of the time, for me, a lot of time are wasted in my daily life play games. In this environment, will inevitably lead to dissatisfaction with his family.

day and mother angry quarrel, after that, my mother put my living expenses to break, I was a spoiled man, in fact my mother gave me the money I had left a small part as their savings, thought these small enough savings to live, and I this city prices are quite high, didn’t see us alone. And since then I’ve learned. Small savings in a month’s time is finally divided into nothing left.

and I because of the face, always did not dare to ask mom for money, every day in the non-smoking environment (I smoking relatively large), this lasted four or five days, people would think it in times of adversity, and every day in the life of mediocrity, as their own hands to make some money.

University, the university has many of my classmates Daomaidaomai "Daoye" (I believe that friends are very familiar with it). Look at their behavior, so I have a new understanding of entrepreneurship, they can do, why can’t I do that? But the problem is that no money? How to do? I think the online shop, so I found the post, Baidu search. Know the procedure to open the shop, in fact, had been exposed to the shop, people around also opened, but because no one to patronize for a long time, and ultimately led to the bankruptcy of the company closed. This lesson, paltrily, then use the tools of the Internet, do not know the shop can be anxious, to start from the virtual.

then, I see a lot about the rack in the online promotion, say business is not et al., at this time I can’t wait to make money, ask a friend borrowed $300 investment in the software, who knows, after the seller received the money is not in me, shop decoration, upload baby why, I absolutely ignorant of. How can this do? A time to mess up.

but I can’t let this 300 hit the hands ah, so, I search the Internet this software function, operation method, and some enthusiastic users, I shop (thank you), I am a little bit to learn how to use the software, how to do the promotion, a week after it, I study hard for >.

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