Adsense network broadcast news that QQ data leakage Ali 1 billion acquisition of a cup

1 Ali acquisition of the cup with the: online selling prescription drugs or release  

"This is a Alibaba

cup!" on May 28th, the State Food and Drug Administration (hereinafter referred to as the State Food and Drug Administration) released "the Internet operating food and drug supervision and management approach (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "the draft") but two hours, a person in charge of medicine the electricity supplier to issue such a comment on WeChat.

earlier this year, Alibaba spent 1 billion 37 million yuan acquisition of CITIC twenty-first Century (0241.HK) of the shares of 54.3%. Industry analysts pointed out that the reason why Ali make such a big acquisition, fancy is CITIC twenty-first Century’s eye Hebei medical technology company 95095 pharmaceutical sales platform in November last year to get the third party online drug transaction certificate. But in the Alibaba Tmall medical Pavilion justifiably sell drugs but 4 months, by the State Food and Drug Administration drafted this paper "draft", not only will relax the approval of third party transaction management platform, and even put forward who meet the Internet business platform requirements will be the sale of prescription drugs


2 news that QQ data leaked Tencent responded to phishing sites  

news June 9th, Chinese youth network official said micro-blog, then users report on a web site, enter the QQ number of individuals can check all the QQ group number, all members of the group, the group notes nickname, group etc.. Chinese said the youth network has been the site sends to @ Ministry of public security to play four black four pests official micro-blog.

Chinese youth network micro-blog said, according to the results of the query can clearly see the circle of personal friends, classmates circle, circle, circle work a lot of personal privacy information, and check the open house records, QQ password, QQ data, and upload the modified screenshot URL and query to the large amount of information on the QQ.

according to the test, the above URL can really check the QQ number of group notes, as well as some group members. However, for the newly established QQ group, can not find any information on the site, which can be judged as the previous database. The query password, open room information, such as the need to register, and need to pay 50 yuan registration fee.

3 Tencent half Feng Ting 20 million WeChat trick prostitute No. 30 thousand public account 25 thousand QQ and  

Tencent thunder action 9 joint Chongqing, Nanjing, Xuzhou three police and security company that created the well-known buildings, sharing the fight against cyber crime experience for the public, and the four types of Internet fraud trend in the second half, called on Internet users to improve awareness.

Tencent launched a wave of action to combat the black chain of the Internet industry. The first half of 9, the first disclosure of results showed that the current WeChat cumulative Feng Ting 20 million trick prostitute account. "

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