Rebate network no longer Fenghua what is the relationship with the third party platform attribute

third platform, it is not easy in the electricity supplier rebate network circle mix. This year there are family households has grown from home by others tremble with fear, not to mention material houses, but also hope this house can attract more visitors, the third party platform building brick is not easily won.

rebate network from blockbuster to staggering partial pyramid

third platform shopping guide website is the use of social "three tiger" skill, everyone says good things always do not go to the poor, so there are ma of shopping guide website: pressure from the electricity supplier shunt so badly. The left hand is taking the right hand is the rebate network users, the buying and selling between how much space can be integrated with? "Rebate" name of a green hand can be said to be a blockbuster, users buy goods, you can get the subsidy back now, you how to operate the internal tube, there are benefits to map is good for users it.

if the user has clear internal operation principle of rebate network: in the long run, the impact on the user’s rebate still did not imagine so much, because no matter what to do business activities, the user psychological very clear: the business to make money, which can be said to be a recognized "secret" who did not need to expose and care for users, you can make me do activities can benefit for the internal operation, how do you want to play to play, I did not have much relationship with.

rebate network is the name of the "three party benefit: business and households, net", after the triangle three raging like a storm, this benefit is not so stable in the imagination, when the threshold has been raised, so the rebate rebate amount, had shrunk again across the Internet era, online shopping users jumped the first rebate network "mystery" like to have faded, and recently tried to fight MLM rebate network edge ball: invite friends to join, invite the winner can receive cash rewards, but provided constantly stretched cash flow front, obviously reduces the user experience.

In fact,

edge MLM go well but also can get out of the brand, the boundaries between marketing and marketing was not so obvious, rebate network downhill is the key to the content of the shrinking, of course, the rebate network itself to businesses not attractive enough is also a major focus of defeat.

we look at the real estate agency, the third party elegant way of survival

find the housing network itself is already the third party platform, the real estate intermediary do not say what is the party platform, bend around a few, but no matter how users hate being real estate intermediary "search" to the real estate intermediary fees, the position is still as solid as rocks. Real estate intermediary is tight in Taishan, the core factor is the real one: Housing greatly the intermediary model, their rent or sell conditions lost to the intermediary, avoid all kinds of bargaining with the house alone, the most important, intermediary fees or another party, the house of course was free and easy.

speaks of the fact that the value of the third party is "sufficiently attractive to either party"

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