n April 1st Baidu launched Baidu business software download free online customer service system

look at the web today, inadvertently see a rainbow plan the new Baidu, originally thought it was strange what special features, when we look at that is Baidu after Ali E network into a masterpiece website online customer service system software; however, what is the rainbow rainbow plan in the plan? Baidu business online customer service system software to? Take a look below:

Dear customer, Hello!

Baidu search promotion will be officially launched in April 1st "Baidu business". It is a Baidu to promote customer tailored website business communication tools.

Baidu business can help you and your visitors can contact whenever and wherever possible, help the professional data real-time monitoring of the site, you can enjoy Baidu live statistics provided by statistics; at the same time, Baidu business as well as fine skin, rich personalized settings, 500MB free space enterprise.

in order to help you understand the advantages and functions of the Baidu business in March 23rd, you can through the promotion of Baidu landing page, click the left picture position into the Baidu bridge project page to understand. After April 1st, also can log in Baidu promotion management platform, right click on the home page below the Baidu business icon into the "Baidu business home", understand the relevant function. You can also click here to get more information about

now, carry out the rainbow plan Baidu is part of Baidu limited edition gift business, did not receive an invitation client download will be temporarily unable to access business. Details of the specific activities and ways to participate, please contact your marketing consultant. Thank you for your attention and support!

you have any questions please visit Baidu business page in use, or enter the support center to answer questions about. At the same time you can also directly consult your promotion consultant, or please call Baidu headquarters customer service hotline 400-890-0088.

What is the Baidu business

is for the promotion of Baidu Baidu business customers to provide a free website business communication tools. As a "bridge" to build on the site owners and visitors, Baidu business help both efficient and convenient communication. Use the tools provided in the name card, visitor marketing source tracking, network storage, customer service management, rich functions, Baidu business to help you negotiate, grasp the opportunities,


communication interface


management interface


a person opened, multi person, multi site can use

Baidu business support up to 10 sites, 100 online customer service. Only you open the function, you can use the company’s customer service staff. Free online storage space Baidu business also provides 500MB, common language, common file can be used on any computer.

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