Robin Li Baidu doctor 80% diagnosis and Peking University nternational Hospital

November 17th, the third session of the world Internet Conference held in Wuzhen. In Internet plus wisdom medical forum, Baidu Inc chairman and chief executive officer Robin Li made a speech. Robin Li believes that the Internet plus medical basically can be divided into four levels: O2O services, intelligent inquiry, gene analysis and precise medical and drug development.


Robin Li introduced Baidu’s progress in these four areas:

first, O2O services, Baidu’s Baidu doctor now has 500 thousand of the doctors involved in the consultation, a total of 8 million people through the Baidu doctor platform to obtain the relevant medical services.

The second level is the

intelligent intelligent interrogation interrogation, we recently launched Baidu doctor also did some testing, for example, had a test in the International Hospital of Peking University, in the 80% case, the doctor and the doctor diagnosed Baidu International Hospital of Peking University is the same, its accuracy is very fast upgrade. And it may be better in some rare cases, such as the same symptoms, 99.99% is a disease, but there may be 1/10000, or even 1/100000 of the probability is another rare disease, in this case, as a computer, it can assist doctors to do some corresponding judgment.

is the third level of genetic analysis and precision care, which is the most exciting direction of Computer Science in recent years. Because in the field of IT Moore Moore law, in the field of IT is the only one in line with Moore’s law is the cost of gene sequencing, so it is likely that there will always be something revolutionary.

fourth level is the development of new drugs. In this regard, some of the U.S. start-up companies, such as atomwise has done this thing, Baidu believes that computer science, artificial intelligence can help in this regard.

following Robin Li speech record:

good morning, I said in yesterday’s meeting, said that in the era of artificial intelligence, we need to re imagine each industry, today I try to stand on the Internet to re imagine the medical sector.

today’s guests come mainly from two areas, one is the Internet field, one is the medical and health field. As I often say in the company, two people in different fields, like the bridge, from the end to the middle to repair, if you agree on the goal, intermediate, the bridge will pass, if you think differently, to repair on the middle. We failed, so we try to make each side to the other side to rely on. We first look at the point of view of Baidu artificial intelligence, we have what capabilities, and then look at these capabilities in the health care industry should be how to apply. Artificial intelligence embodied in Baidu is mainly through the Baidu brain, Baidu brain has four main functions, one is the voice, voice recognition, this >

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