Walk into Shenzhen feel the future of Beijing is not the same as the South

last week, for the first time arrived in China’s reform and opening up and innovation and entrepreneurship in the South Center – Shenzhen. Visited China’s most powerful two companies: HUAWEI and xinjiang.

just under the airport, I felt made of summer, every time in the wool sweater jacket Equipment International Airport in the capital can be seamless, but this time, this dress obviously do not belong to this hot city.

indeed, the whole experience in Shenzhen is totally different from Beijing. The author is the most common place to go to Beijing, the Internet is the most entrepreneurial city center, the author even live here for two months in summer. The purpose of these two months is very clear, is to feel the Internet business in the end how much cattle, Internet thinking in the end how advanced.

, of course, the author has long been calm heard a lot of the Internet bubble burst sound, into Beijing to see, indeed. Zhongguancun Venture Street is perhaps the best specimen of Internet business in Beijing.

here, I have seen the night homeless, a garage coffee little fat brother said he was crazy, entrepreneurial, crazy. And this little Pangge exchange just half an hour, a lot of beautiful light under the dark as the tip of the iceberg emerged.

12 midnight Gang chat in the garage coffee, is hundreds of billions of market does not move the mouth, that around a table of fanaticism and street onlookers chess big man generally irrational. You look around, it’s easy to get infected. Everyone wants to talk to you about their own ideas, their entrepreneurial dream is unreal and huge. The garage Pangge coldly said, they are homeless, no work, through the garage site overnight. I can not help but cold sweat.

my impression only a secretive person is a village in Hebei to sell a mink coat dirt boss. I saw him at 3W coffee. At the beginning, he and I talk very constrained, he later said, it is the fear of stealing his secrets, so I always want to hold back". And his "room" content, it is to make big data in mink, and according to the data to make more business ecosystem.

of course, with his boss soil level of knowledge, he is not aware of the so-called "big data" and "business ecosystem" these words, we discovered these words or I constantly communicate with him in, and he came to Beijing, just because there are seen in the news he heard this. Is a rich place.

pulled away, today’s theme is Shenzhen.

has been in Beijing in the past feel the impact of China’s innovation and entrepreneurship and the wave of the Internet, deeply impetuous. If Beijing gives the author’s impression is more business concept and capital operation to fight, then in Shenzhen, I see more is a real "industrial" product oriented and technology accumulation really low-key stealth.

from this trip to Xinjiang and

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