WeChat Valentine’s day open envelopes can be made 1314 milligrams of gold highest Alipay on line lov

Abstract: WeChat today officially opened the "red gold" beta, in response to the Valentine’s day, red gold will also had maximum limit of 1000 mg to 1314 mg. At the same time, Alipay also launched the "love insurance" after 3 years of marriage, couples can be "the highest awarded nearly million.


source: Vision China

and WeChat hold the big move.

in addition to today’s Valentine’s day will be a red temporary limit raised to 520 yuan, also officially opened the "red gold" beta, the original maximum limit of 1000 mg to 1314 mg.


, according to the official micro signal Tencent Internet Finance introduced, golden red is based on the payment of money and industrial and Commercial Bank jointly launched the Tencent micro gold online gold platform to provide services.

users can hold my share of gold in the form of red envelopes transferred to relatives and friends, the form of "red envelopes". Only bind at least one bank card real name authentication WeChat users can pay to buy micro gold, and only the real name of the user to grab gold envelopes.

has opened a micro gold account users, gold shares will be automatically deposited in the user’s micro gold account. Users did not open a micro gold account, you need to click on deposit micro gold account and accept the micro gold service agreement in order to receive a share of gold.

maximum number of red envelopes can send 100. Grab the gold red, contains 0.001 grams to 1 grams ranging from micro gold shares, equivalent to the user to get the gold when the price of gold, gold red value with the micro micro gold price fluctuations in the price of gold, the Shanghai gold exchange price tracking.

if the user wants to receive gold cash, in the trading day 9:40-22:20 hours into the account to choose to sell can be sold in accordance with the prevailing price of gold, choose to sell to WeChat change can be credited to the real time. If you need to sell to the bank card, 17:00 before the sale, within 2 hours of arrival; 22:00 before the sale, the arrival of the day; 22:00 after the sale, the next day to account. The selling fee will be charged 5 per thousand.

is different from the ordinary red, red gold entrance was not WeChat chat interface, users need to pay attention to "the entrance of WeChat Tencent micro gold" WeChat public number to find "red gold" from the. Tencent official offer golden red play:

1 search concerns Tencent micro gold WeChat public number, click on the bottom menu, micro gold into the product page;

2 in the micro gold page click "golden red", you can enter the red envelope;

3 fill in the number and the number of grams of red, click on the gold into the red envelope, by WeChat to pay a good package of red envelopes;

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