Hackers discovered vulnerabilities P2P financial database leaked sesame door involving about 3000000


for a P2P agency, the occurrence of such large-scale information leakage can not help but question the security of its background system. According to the official website of the introduction: the sesame financial institutions with international leading system encryption and protection technology, pay SSL protocol and 128 bit encryption technology, the data transmission by using digital signature technology to ensure the source of information and non repudiation.

reporter Wu Yanyu Beijing, Shenzhen, reported

April 9th, one called "sesame financial P2P website can lead to the user database leaked tens of millions of funds affected by the loophole, the domestic Internet security vulnerability platform cloud Network — the background of the audit, which pointed out that" caused more than 8000 user data leakage, including user name, ID number, mobile phone number, email the bank card information, etc., involving an amount of up to more than 30 million.

this, sesame financial customer service staff to the twenty-first Century economic news reporter admitted: this morning, the number of institutions in the industry P2P background were attacked, unfortunately, became a member of the sesame finance."

as of press time ago, a statement on the official website of sesame finance, claiming that all user accounts have been bound to the third party funds hosting platform, there is no loss of any user funds".

in fact, since 2013, the P2P industry has become increasingly popular, the frequency of its encounter attacks also increased the magnitude. Twenty-first Century economic news reporter incomplete statistics, since 2014, the country has more than 150 P2P platform due to hacker attacks caused by paralysis of the system, data malicious tampering, etc..

according to an insider who declined to be named, said the first three months of this year, only the Guangzhou area has more than 20 different P2P platform suffered hacker attacks, "and more than half a year after the platform on the line, the need to tear down the re construction of the background system."

sesame "black"

Anhui Yucheng holding

as P2P platform group, sesame financial was founded in July 16, 2014, 2015 formally launched operations and launch products – sesame treasure. Who expected, but a few months of operation, it has been hackers eyeing".

sesame financial CEO Jin Wei seems to be the basic positioning of the platform is MBA alumni circle as a link to the capital side of the link and the project side. To this end, the introduction of a social circle of sesame financial guarantor model, once the circle recommended by the project through the audit, the sponsor should serve as a guarantor of the project, while paying 10% of the security deposit.

however, the matching mode, create new styles of high net worth of the target population, but also to conceal some P2P weak technical background.

it is understood that sesame finance is not the first time hackers break, found the vulnerability of the white hat had been monitored to have a social work forum on the top of the Chi

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