Rep Chatfields bill to end flawed driver responsibility fees wins House approval

Legislator says debt forgiveness part of bipartisan measures Legislation introduced by state Rep. Lee Chatfield to bring an end to driver responsibility fees today was approved by the Michigan House of Representatives.Chatfield, of Levering, is author of the lead bill in an eight-bill legislative package that ends collection of driver responsibility fees on Oct. 1, 2018. The legislation provides complete forgiveness of debt after that time, and allows people to perform community service or workforce development programs in lieu of payments until the fees are eliminated.“I am pleased to have passed this legislation through the Michigan Competitiveness Committee and the House because it will have an immediate, and life-changing, effect on so many families in northern Michigan,” Chatfield said.  “Not only will this lift the burden of paying these senseless fees that were conceived by a past administration looking for a quick fix to a budget hole, it will also enable people to regain driving privileges and improve their quality of life.”Chatfield, who chairs the committee that took testimony on the bills, said one of the key elements to the package is total forgiveness of debt. He said the fees often affected low-income earners who were unable to get to and from work, forcing them to depend on public assistance.“Most of the outstanding debt is more than six years old, and it is highly unlikely it would ever be collectable,” said Chatfield, who also serves as Speaker Pro Tempore. “We have budgeted responsibly during the past seven budget cycles and can absorb the debt as a result. This legislation will clear the books over this failed experiment that affected so many families.”The bills now go to the Senate for consideration.#####The bills are House Bills 5040-5046, 5079 and 5080. 02Nov Rep. Chatfield’s bill to end flawed driver responsibility fees wins House approval Categories: Chatfield News,News

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