VR AR into the mainstream in the VR AR experience in the placement of ads do not bother

augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) is gradually becoming the mainstream trend. Boeing engineers in 1992 created the term "augmented and virtual reality," which is also known as the birth of AR and VR. Today, AR and VR are attracting a lot of attention, so we need to determine whether and how the AR and VR seamless advertising.


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intrusive ads will make users feel bored, will interfere with their experience, so we need more softly better ads, prevent users from both blocking software to intercept advertisements used in computer desktop, tablet computer or mobile device. In AR and VR cleverly implanted product advertising, advertising and content and scenarios at the same time, can provide users with seamless experience.

first, we need to define some concepts…… It’s easy to confuse AR with VR.

augmented reality (AR) is rapidly becoming the mainstream, the computer synthesis of images and graphics on the reality, the digital elements and reality seamless. To achieve this, you need a pair of AR glasses or a smart phone. One of the applications is to overlay text on a TV screen (watch weather forecast and soccer games), mobile devices (including laptops, smartphones and tablets) and holographic images.

virtual reality (VR) is essentially artificial and computer based on the real life scene simulation or re creation. VR is not a simple superposition, but the real and your environment, the market there are a lot of valuable and practical applications, the most common is the flight simulator. We’re in a world of fun, video games, computer games and entertainment. Right, don’t forget to have a 3D tv. AR and VR are widely used in the media, construction and automotive industries.

AR and VR have no relationship with each other, but they can be well combined to create a mixed reality". Experience VR, you need to buy a head display or a handheld controller to enhance your hearing and vision. Like Google, SONY, Facebook and HTC and other large companies, both in terms of software or hardware, are greater efforts to invest in the technology. At present, the technology is still relatively expensive, only 3% of people intend to buy this year.

Microsoft bypassing the VR directly seeking to develop AR, which is very surprising, this choice will undoubtedly cost a lot, it recently released the value of 3000 pounds of "HoloLens" has not changed much. VR heads a more affordable choice is Google’s Daydream View, can make YouTube become your private theater, just released last month, the value of 69 pounds, and its competition is SONY’s Gear VR, the retail price of 80 pounds.

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