Under the line of love business dating dating sites are reborn

content introduction: dating websites are a new

to another more privacy, security and efficiency of the form

in China, marriage is an important business. Unfortunately, this big business in the past, in addition to guerrilla style shops, only a few Internet companies operating marriage business, and most do not make money – until the emergence of the marriage market 020 mode.

"Spring Festival CCTV advertising exposure amount to about 10 million times, there are 1000 telephones in the store, want to join the" Beijing Lily Online Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as lily) chief executive, fan Jiang told the "global entrepreneurs", although its advertising by many young people in the network’s "forced" controversy, however. Since the store baihe.com, a year of marriage in the spring was spread in the physical store. "Maybe you’re in conflict now, but when it comes to finding someone, you’re still going to be thinking about lily," he said firmly.

as of April 2014, lily of the store has more than 70 cities in the country set up shop 120. Another dating industry leader, the United States listed Jiayuan International Ltd. (NASDAQ: DATE, hereinafter referred to as Jiayuan) began to promote the line store service from 2013 to May, also the rapid expansion to more than 40.

in the fourth quarter of 2013, Jiayuan disclosed in the financial statements, the net operating income of 133 million 100 thousand yuan, service shop offline personalized matching service (i.e. under one line matchmaker service) with the revenue of 19 million 700 thousand yuan. The growth of 111.8% over the previous year, the proportion of total revenue from 8.4% in the same period last year rose to 14.8%, one matchmaker service has gradually become one of the main ways of Jiayuan future income growth.

line reborn

why do offline? Jiayuan CEO Wu Linguang told the "global entrepreneurs", service shop to expand the line is considered "people focus, divide Internet information down, the teahouse moved online has become micro-blog, people (and people) to shorten the distance. But the site is not aggregation activity, the Internet is isolated, and Jiayuan do between people in the business, 1 million people a day, do not get light line, to meet with."

Wu Linguang is the occupation managers, in March 2012 joined Jiayuan, founder of the company and Helen of Troy (Gong Haiyan) together as CO CEO after nine months, the official in charge of jiayuan. Wu is the background of the University of Science and Technology of China Department of electronic engineering and information science and electronic engineering, from the beginning of 1996 to the Internet, as a sales engineer, development engineer, worked in the Sohu network operation Department, and in the air network of the United States NASDAQ: KONG) is the general manager, vice president and nine years of mobile phone game Division overseas agent game department the general manager resume.

Wu Shidai multiple reflections and changes in the Internet industry in the 21st century.

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