Guangzhou to support e commerce personal open shop is not mandatory registration




I do not have to shop for business registration, there are a lot of green channel services provided, too good…… Comic: Wang Yuntao

express reporter Feng Yandan

Guangzhou industry and commerce to encourage and support the healthy development of e-commerce market for public comment, the registered capital of 50 million yuan or more can apply for e-commerce business groups.

shop to reduce barriers to entry

"opinions" first proposed to reduce market access threshold, the implementation of e-commerce development is conducive to the registration system. Opinions also provide support and incentives for entrepreneurs. College graduates, migrant workers, laid-off workers, the disabled, retired military personnel opened the shop engaged in online business, bid for enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, registration and inspection fees shall be exempted, and provide Easy Access service.

opinions to encourage people to open shop. The natural person opened an online shop e-commerce network platform, operating the project does not involve the laws and regulations, the State Council decided to ban or shall be subject to the approval of the relevant provisions of the state, in the clear before, only through the online trading platform service operators to provide the real name system review, not mandatory requirements for industrial and commercial registration.

at the same time, encourage enterprises to open shop. Subject to the approval of the registration of the main market operators. Industry and commerce departments may be engaged in the application of e-commerce transactions on the Internet business operators, according to the law approved the registration of the company, partnership, sole proprietorship, farmers cooperatives and other types of market players.

can be registered in the centralized office area

opinions to relax the restrictions on business premises. The related e-commerce business operators who have the relationship of equity investment may use the centralized office area as the residence to handle the business registration. Huang Zirong said that the residence here refers to the company registered place. Such as industry associations can also become a centralized office space, can be used to register a license. If you can focus on the office area as a business place for business registration, there may be a multi site."

reporter noted previously, "on a number of opinions" encourage and support the healthy development of our province network products and related services, commodity trading network only engaged in online business activities and the relevant services, in accordance with the local government on the residence (business premises) the relevant provisions of the premise, can use their own or rent the house as a residence (business premises) industrial and commercial registration. This means that the shop operators can do business premises do business registration.

why Guangzhou’s "opinion" not this? In this regard, Huang Zirong explained, because Guangzhou has the relevant provisions of residence is not for commercial purposes, may not allow the use of housing for industrial and commercial registration.

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