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first_imgBy FFWPU USA: A monthly tradition of the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) is the prayer breakfast, an event that brings local clergy of all faiths under the same roof to pray together, share messages and, of course, enjoy breakfast and fellowship. Here are the highlights of the first prayer breakfasts to take place this year in Chicago and Atlanta. Chicago ACLC Clergy Discuss Revolutionizing MinistryThe first monthly ACLC Prayer Breakfast of 2016 in Chicago was held on Tuesday, January 19.  The program was hosted at the Cosmopolitan Community Church, where Dr. Henry O. Hardy is the pastor emeritus. The featured speaker was Pastor Cornelius Clark, the pastor of Jacob’s House Church in Chicago. About 140 clergy attended the program.Raised in a musically gifted family, Pastor Clark has a special calling.  Not only does he lead a powerful worship of God, but also he also inspires believers to walk in the Principles of Truth and to cultivate their own personal relationship with the Lord. His vocal talents secured him a role in the 1992 motion picture Leap of Faith, starring Steve Martin and Debra Winger, and he has been the featured vocalist on several gospel music projects, including programs with Edwin Hawkins, Bishop Larry Trotter and Bishop T.D. Jakes.Pastor Clark brings a fresh wind of preaching and teaching to the Body of Christ, helping to change the face of what the traditional church calls “ministry.” His message on Tuesday was well received, and the audience thoroughly enjoyed the program and fellowship.Starting in 2003, the ACLC of Illinois has held a Prayer Breakfast every month, not missing a single month in thirteen years.  These dynamic gatherings, hosted by a different church each month, are now averaging 200 participants per breakfast.The ACLC Prayer Breakfast in Chicago affords an opportunity for prayer, fellowship and receiving God’s word from leading spiritual leaders from Chicago and from around the country. Keynote speakers have included Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Dr. Michael W. Jenkins, Dr. Clay Evans, Pastor T.L. Barrett Jr., Dr. Stephen J. Thurston, Rev. Leroy Elliot, Bishop Larry D. Trotter, Bishop W. James Campbell, Minister Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Otis Moss III, Dr. Robert M. Waterman (Brooklyn, NY), Bishop Jesse Edwards (Philadelphia, PA), and many others.Dr. Willie Weston Sr. is the co-chairman of the ACLC of Illinois, and Pastor T.L. Barrett Jr. is the chairman of the ACLC National Founding Committee. Every month, they meet with their Prayer Breakfast organizing committee to plan the next event.During the organizing committee meetings at the end of 2015, the team discussed how ACLC could bring new hope to Christianity.  The Prayer Breakfast began as a fellowship gathering, but now the committee is trying to find ways to add other values to it.  Pastor Clark was the one who led these discussions, and the organizing committee decided that he should be the keynote speaker for the first Prayer Breakfast in 2016.The ACLC of Chicago also holds a Pastors Forum every Tuesday.  Currently around a dozen pastors attend these interactive Bible studies.  Not only are there clergy who attend regularly, but they also are inviting other pastors to join the study.Dr. Willie Weston and Rev. Ken Murray facilitate these study forums.  Dr. Weston has a profound understanding of the Divine Principle, and has a gift for teaching from a biblical perspective.  These studies are received with surprising enthusiasm from the ministers, and no one wants to leave at the conclusion of the lessons.  Once a month the Pastors Forum teaches directly from Divine Principle PowerPoints, with a strong emphasis upon the Bible. Read Morelast_img

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