Adsense network broadcast how to operate the first batch of seed users Yu Minhong talk about Ma entr

1 how to operate the first batch of seed users to see millet, and the island is how to do the community,  

millet: allow users to have a deep sense of participation

in the millet mobile phone system (MIUI), Lei Jun issued an index: MIUI 1 million users do not spend money. So, the competent person in charge of Li Wanqiang MIUI only through the forum reputation all over the world: Global Forum for experienced users, few people registered hundreds of accounts, ads every day in the mobile phone Forum irrigation, carefully selected 100 super users, MIUI involved in the design, development, feedback etc.. With these 100 people’s word of mouth spread, MIUI quickly promoted.

then, Lei Jun will spend an hour a day to reply comments on micro-blog, even the engineer should also be timely respond to posts on the forum. According to statistics, there are about 8000 articles per day millet forum content, the average engineer every day to restore the post of 150. Moreover, in each post, there will be a state, showing that the degree of adoption of this proposal and the problem solving Engineer ID, which gives the user the feeling of being valued.

2 step by step wrong wrong!   strategic mistakes public comment, happy, everyone, we handle, the most fatal;

public comment on the experience of the two or three line of the city did not think the wrong market, missed the opportunity to buy war. The lesson is: 1, do not rely on the past experience blindly: three or four line city consumers are not willing to find a restaurant on the Internet, does not mean they do not want to save money; 2, today the barbaric growth of the Internet circle, blindly Qiuwen is likely to miss the opportunity, fast, rapid iterative trial and error is the better choice. Happy net only pay attention to ignore other products, paving the way for failure. The lesson is: 1, only with a strong product is completely insufficient, the subsequent development of short board operation, sales team will also affect the product; 2, start-up companies, the strategic layout of negligence shall make clear product planning. Not at the moment of crisis blind temptation, digging everywhere. Lashou? Where?

3 Iqiyi launched the universal player to enter the local market: video service  

April 21st noon news, Iqiyi announced the launch of the local video services, users can download the "Iqiyi universal player" to watch local video, this means that Iqiyi officially entered the local video service market.

currently, Iqiyi universal player supports almost all popular video formats, and application of the installation package is only 1/5 size of similar products; the same computer environment, starting and running speed about 3 times faster than other similar player, realize the second opening seconds broadcast, and memory, CPU little system resources.

4 Yu Minhong: Malaysia Yungan nothing into despair after a Alibaba   >;

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