From the hall open Fun Hotel opened the offbeat gun room sex business

back in February 14, 2016, the first "Valentine’s Day" the day after the Spring Festival this year, a funny thing happened:

was originally a flight from Hangzhou to Chongqing Hainan Airlines plane, canceled flights, change to the next afternoon. This missing passengers arrange Hotel Hainan Airlines, but the error to the two unmarried girl to arrange a fun Hotel, it will be exposed on the Internet, and drew a heat.

but we are more discussion of HNA nonsense and two girls live funny fun hotel. As mentioned, "taste", you may come to mind the horse, elephant Liu Kenan allison…… These 90 entrepreneurs. However, after the 70 veteran entrepreneurs, chunshuitang founder Lin Degang (nickname "spring uncle") has been around the "lower body" business more than ten years, this time he changed the position – fun hotel.

a year ago, tiger sniffing interview Lin Degang chunshuitang was completed 80 million yuan B round of financing, he FuPan the the company was founded 13 years old fun supplies electricity supplier growth path. In addition to the electricity supplier industry capital taste slow, to feel the capital is seeking the electricity supplier "lower body" by chance, Lin Degang said that "economic hormone".

When the

hall is from the shelf type electricity supplier (B2C) close to the sale and community model, back in 2013, the spring of tertiary developed "transformation vertical electricity supplier + brand" to the hall in July of that year, based on the "happy and healthy" two parts water. In 2014, began to hit intelligent sex toys concept in the Jingdong in September of that year the congregation raised platform to launch iball smart Wahaha dumbbell, currently has sixteen R & D intelligent taste products. The original plan in 2017 listed on the gem of the hall, change of plan is preparing for the listing of three new board.

now, they put the lower half of the business to the taste of the hotel, plans to open the first home.

smell opportunity: Fun Hotel million billion market, no brand

become an independent school

over the past few years, online travel is very intense, until the end of October 2015, Ctrip and where to merge, the same way, eLong, the way cattle smoke does not stop. Behind closely OTA three business divisions: Hotel, air tickets, attractions tickets, hotel industry the biggest cake, according to the research of tourism market powerhouse consulting report released in 2014, Chinese hotel industry total turnover of about 309 billion 80 million yuan, of which online hotel market transactions amounted to 84 billion 440 million yuan, the online penetration rate of 27.3%.

hotel has a history of the development of traditional industries, there are different dimensions of hotels, hotels, star hotels, etc.. With fashion, emotional elements of the division, the theme of the hotel is now widely accepted direction, around the history, culture, city, nature and other elements of the packaging, fun hotel is one of them. There are about more than 30 thousand interesting hotels in Japan, even in a severe recession

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