The new network jurisprudence gambling case network crime targeting OTO mode

/ Reporter Wang Chun

– newspaper correspondent Wu Jinyang

with the rapid development of Internet application technology, yellow gambling crime also presents a new law characteristics. This year, the Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Bureau in accordance with the unified arrangements of the Ministry of public security, to carry out the fight against regulation involving network crime chain breaking action. Today, the Zhejiang police to combat cyber jurisprudence gambling crime, and released 5 new cases.

"Legal Daily" reporter learned from the briefing, after two months of efforts, Zhejiang province’s total net investigation involving 205 criminal cases, arrested 473 suspects, security punishment of illegal workers 253 people across the region, destroyed 14 criminal gangs, to destroy the real casino and pornographic websites 20.

Zhejiang provincial public security corps captain Zhu Sien said that in recent years, the Zhejiang public security organs continue to intensify the crackdown on the jurisprudence gambling crimes, using various means to squeeze the living space of such crimes, and timely adjust combat strategy work, from the fight against prostitution and gambling in general into their attack on the organization of prostitution casino, etc. from the fight against crime; the general illegal workers into the focus on "Jitou, gambling, snake head" and other gainers, operators, organizers, behind the umbrella, form a legal deterrent effect, maximize curb yellow gambling illegal and criminal activities to spread.

use of the Internet for sale of pornographic materials

in March 11th this year, Zhejiang Province, Yuyao City Public Security Bureau police learned that, in Yuyao, Cixi and other places, there are people in the WeChat group and circle of friends, local forum, unfamiliar street group, advertising and posing as pornographic content and other sales of women talk "cloud" account. Through the investigation, the Yuyao police arrested the suspect cen. The investigation, since February this year, cen for profit, through the online trading platform to 30 yuan to 50 yuan price of wholesale "cloud disk account. Then, by Cen advertising on WeChat’s own account and the local network platform in the form of selling "cloud disk profit account and password.

the police investigation found that from February this year to be arrested more than and 20 days, a total of Cen to the public traffic "cloud disk account password more than 100 times the profit of more than 8000 yuan. Police investigation found that the sale of cloud disk profit suspects account for a total of more than and 500, involving Zhejiang and other provinces and regions. Through the net action, the police destroyed 1 of selling pornographic materials using the network of criminal gangs, arresting 20 suspects.

"this kind of crime is not specific to the crowd, the transmission speed, wide range of harm." Zhu Sien said, due to a variety of "cloud" and "SkyDrive" account application is simple and convenient, cheap internet video transactions, it is easy to get, the probability of adolescent exposure to large, so should strengthen guidance and management of the Internet for minors.

with the help of the network began to spread prostitution

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