s there any need to refactor the site Div Css

search engine marketing work, almost every time you need to rebuild the site. There are a number of reasons: for example, the construction site, there is no keyword analysis steps, there are a large number of functional modules need to add"……


website reconstruction are considered to be "reborn", "salted fish" is an important step in. Indeed, after the reconstruction of the site completely changed the way, whether it is handed over to the higher level, or customers are very face.

but why few people mention the site reconstruction because many practitioners believe that it is not necessary to turn a website into DIV+CSS:1. 2 too much trouble

is not necessary, the reason is very interesting.

seems to be asking, "why do you want to change to DIV+CSS?". What is DIV? It’s division. It’s the area, the block. When the HTML code appears, DIV tags are used to make the page layout. We now do web pages, build web sites, but most of them use table to build a framework to do page layout. What is table? Table is the meaning of the table, table should only be in the output data, the input data as a form, the form of time. So, using table to do the layout of the page is a big joke.

It is necessary for

reconstruction site, and from the truth is a must, you can lie on the couch to sleep, and sleep soundly, but your mother will educate you should go to bed to sleep, not what reason, you should be in bed.

"too much trouble" this reason can be understood

we have to do a lot of Web site site reconstruction, so that it basically meets the W3C standard. Why is it basically the same as the W3C standards are constantly changing, the browser’s support for the latest standards are also different.

to rebuild a website to spend the energy is amazing, I think about the development of a web site. Because every bit of improvement, it is necessary to test different browsers (such as ie, Firefox, opera), and different versions (IE 7 6 firefox1.5 1) compatibility issues. And you have to open 3 computers, a computer is not able to view the same browser different versions of the effect.

The more elements of the

web site, the more problems, we have to reconstruct 200 pages, spent more than 1 months of time, in fact, the reconstruction of a web site is very troublesome, really too much trouble.

then we should not do the


it is certain that the reconstructed site code is more beautiful and smaller. If you do English website, you can submit the reconstruction site to many "DIV+CSS website highlights" directory, so you can get a lot of extra links, more than.

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