MT remediation jurisprudence APP blacklist database will be built

Beijing News (reporter Liu Xiruo Liu Xia) yesterday, the Ministry’s official website issued a notice, will organize the communications authority, the Ministry of Telecommunications Research Institute, Chinese Internet association and other units, strengthen the management of basic telecommunications companies, mobile intelligent terminal manufacturers, application stores and other business, to carry out remediation by APP dissemination of pornographic information work to create a network of cool and bright space, the implementation of the "2014 net net action".

will build the APP blacklist database

According to

statistics prior to the Ministry, as of the end of May this year, the number of mobile Internet users in China has exceeded 850 million.

in the era of national mobile Internet, APP model has become the main user interface mode of intelligent terminals. Users in the smart phone or tablet pc download APP to meet the needs of entertainment, information and business and other aspects of network life has become the norm.

in order to increase the number of users and attract attention, a lot of APP developers with pornographic content linked, playing the edge ball. Such as "Beauty video" and "Indoorsman film" and other related movies, pictures, wallpapers and fiction emerge in an endless stream of APP. There are even APP virus in which the user’s personal information, property damage.

yesterday according to the notice, the ministry requires relevant basic telecom operators, intelligent terminal manufacturers, application store to establish a corresponding mechanism, including the audit of pornographic information for APP developers, supervision, investigation and illegal identity of APP under the framework of the full range of audit mechanism.

in addition, the notice also requires the relevant websites, forums, search engines and other Internet applications store information service enterprises to upgrade existing technology to monitor the level of their on-line dissemination of pornographic APP illegal keyword automatic alignment, image recognition, artificial investigation and monitoring of multi-level review.

in addition, according to the application store self-examination, daily monitoring, the parties to report pornographic APP related circumstances, the Ministry will also establish a database of APP blacklist, regularly issued to the application store and notify the shelf.

net action extended to mobile Internet

in April this year, the national pornography office had combined the national Internet Information Office, the Ministry of public security, in a nationwide campaign to combat Internet pornographic information special action pornography net net 2014 ". Net net action was launched, amidst the red novel network, "Cuiwei novel network", "91 Panda Reader network and other well-known online literary website, because of alleged dissemination of pornographic information, has been in the month is banned or closed. In the industry view, the Ministry issued the notice, in order to implement the previous special action.

earlier in December 2011, the Ministry had been carried out against the mobile Internet malware special action, the management requirements of the mobile phone hacking, privacy theft, malicious chargeback, deception fraud and other work.

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