A South Korean group in China to do the story to excellent network An Chenghai

Korean anchenghai with his wife and children to Beijing for five years, currently in Chinese do group purchase navigation website "to their excellent network". In his eyes, China, from the market environment to the business atmosphere and South Korea are very different, but there is a larger space, broader prospects.

want to multiply China electricity supplier number

An Chenghai during the MBA to get acquainted with the current 4 partners in cooperation, together with a $2 million angel investment, ready to do business electricity supplier. "China’s e-commerce development is very fast, and from the beginning of 08 years, consumers gradually accepted it. Consumption capacity began to reflect, so the beginning of e-commerce in 2010 will begin to have great development".

electricity supplier in the field is very wide, the team has tried a lot of things, including open Taobao shop, South Korea purchasing but not very successful. In March 2010 when the group purchase hot, anchenghai suddenly shining eyes.

An Chenghai believes that the development of e-commerce in China and Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea are different. In the case of the United States, electronic commerce is the main business enterprises, the development of B2C earlier and more mature, "it is quite normal, because most enterprises will pay more attention to the user experience and reputation, the benign development of the products and services provided are better and more reliable" which will promote the market.

but he believes in the China situation is quite different, "Chinese in the development of electronic commerce is the largest Taobao", this is an individual seller dominated market, the rise of Taobao not only makes the domestic consumers for electronic commerce and foreign knowledge and expectations are different; at the same time also had a crowd for the B2C industry, therefore Chinese B2C enterprise market has been very cautious.

at this time, the group had to invest these entrepreneurs who want to invest in B2C a new hope, a lot of companies have to invest in B2C began to buy, because it updates, the risk is also smaller".

but he also foresaw that there will be a lot of competitors stampede in soon, so he decided to leave the group purchase itself, for navigation, "at that time, there have been 8 group purchase website, but also no navigation station".


website launched in April 1st, initially called "group 123", to completely imitate hao123 navigation mode, but they only registered to the tuan123.net and.Cn domain, tuan123.com domain name holders later do group purchase navigation, and as "6 figures" for sale, but under the sea will be Ancheng revision, your own website called "excellent network (letyo)", he said: "this is a very simple and easy to remember the name of the tide".

"group purchase threshold is more and more high, anchenghai is expected to reshuffle the industry is coming," group purchase threshold, the main line is capital and operational experience, and group purchase threshold is the capital and the navigation team, "people can Copy your name, interface, but not Copy your team. Navigation requires not only traffic, but also

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