ERS collaborates with 3D Systems to provide simulation equipment for EBUS training

first_imgAug 3 2018The European Respiratory Society (ERS) and 3D Systems have signed a collaboration agreement to provide simulation equipment and event services for training centers for use in the ERS Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS) Certified Training Program.As a result of the agreement, 3D Systems’ BRONCH Mentor hands-on simulator will be used at three ERS training centers, based in Heidelberg, Copenhagen and Amsterdam, during the first two parts of the EBUS training program.Related StoriesWorld No Tobacco Day 2019: Respiratory groups urge to strengthen WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco ControlPassive cavitation imaging can estimate a drug’s dose and location in the brainScientists develop new, rapid test to diagnose bacterial lower respiratory tract infectionsAccess to the equipment will assist in the development and assessment of practical EBUS skills; EBUS is a minimally invasive procedure that can be used on an outpatient basis to not only diagnose and stage lung cancer but also to assess mediastinal nodes for other diseases such as sarcoidosis, tuberculosis or metastases from extrathoracic malignancies.Previously, more invasive and costly procedures such as mediastinoscopy were required to reach the same diagnosis. The EBUS technique uses ultrasound along with a bronchoscope to visualize the bronchial wall and the adjacent mediastinal structures, meanwhile enabling real-time ultrasound-guided aspirations.Participants on the EBUS training program are taught to competently perform endobronchial ultrasound via simulated EBUS tasks and cases using the BRONCH Mentor, as well as to independently assess patient history and results; identify indications and contraindications; perform independent procedures; and to interpret results and draw conclusions.Professor Jouke Annema, an EBUS program organizer, from the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, said: “We are pleased to have come to an agreement with 3D Systems to provide services and technology at our EBUS training centers across Europe. The collaboration provides a number of advantages for ERS; our training centers will be better equipped, and training program participants will be able to practice their endobronchial ultrasound skills using the most advanced simulation technology on the market.” Source:

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